Friday, August 27, 2010


Just finished toiling over a hot laptop and buggy iMovie '08 to bring you this new video.  PTP proudly presents to you...the KILLA SHIRT (aka the "Woo Tang", aka the "John Wu", aka the "Woo Wu", aka the "Tony Wza")!

The ad is a short edit of an original idea, therefore it is only hints to how this shirt fully reps all that killa shit.  A double-tribute...tied together in light of this weekend's promise of Wu doing the entire Enter The 36 Chambers at Rock The Bells.  That ain't no small shit, so PTP figured it was time to do something this serious...and wearable.

On the front, a bold and timeless frame off of John Woo's masterpiece, The Killer (one of my favorites of all time).  Flip it over and you have the classic Raekwon quote (off of Enter The 36...'s "7th Chamber" intro...)...all silkscreened as a classy purple and black color print.  To add on, remember our favorite album that retained a nickname which was then adopted as part of the namesake to this very website?  Yes, that Purple Tape.  That Purple Tape which was enveloped in audio snippets from the same John Woo work of art as referenced on the Killa Shirt along with words from the favored wordsmith behind said album.  Full circle.  Everything is everything.

Please note: we do not have a store/shopping cart system set up just yet.
To get your Killa Shirt today, send a message over to with your shirt size and desired quantity.  We'll set you up proper.

Sizes: S-XL (2XL and XS on special order)

Also, look out for this shirt (or another edition of it) to appear at a favorite retailer, soon...but best believe you will get the best deal by dealin' direct.  So hit us up.

Seriously, it has been a week since receiving these in hand and the response has been tremendous.  Not one email blast, post, tumble, or tweet yet...and we're almost out of the first batch.  Extra EARLY!


  1. Pick up your phone, I'm on the request line! ::Special Delivery:: ^_^!!

  2. I would kill myself for that.