Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sauce Money...still poppin'

Sauce is one of the fuckin' none.

Easily one of my favorites of all-time.  Even while he qualifies as being of the heavier MC weight would never be able to tell from his vocal agility.  Unlike many other hefty cats, he bypassed the section about boasting a discomfortingly throaty voice and/or neck-slit-with-a-mouthful-of-rice breathing issues that usually come pre-packaged in a bigger guy's delivery (no lie, when the booth more sounds like you're at the dinner table with dude as he indulges in a glutinous, to say the least, plate of smothered finger foods...and clams - it's not easy to get beyond that).

Plus...dude has destroyed and ended careers.  Case in point, a handful of years ago, Nature (whom I was a fan of earlier on)...called duke a purse snatcher(!!)...ouch.

That shit is just sad...I was a fan of Nature until I heard the track HE made for Sauce and Nas...c'mon b...straight mosquito bites.

Bottom-line, Sauce Motherfuckin' is the rap equivalent of a .50-cal Desi NEVER want to find yourself on the "other end" of that.

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