Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rock The Bells (and your Killa Shirt ) 2010

Rock The Bells was pretty damn intense.  I am sun burnt.  The lines gettin' in were hellish...and the line to the ferry back to the motherland (rotten as it is - NYC) was even more punishing on the senses.

I gotta say, outdoor music fests just ain't really my thing anymore...but this one was a good one to go out on because of the handful of really dope performances.  It actually sorta felt like a Rocksteady Anniversary up at Gaelic Park...with the amount of heads, dirt/grass/dust, sun damage, and silly Hip Hop antics you came Tony Toca was KILLIN' the tables (as usual)...just in a "V.I.P. tent" this time.

Performance Highlights:
Rakim was amazing.
Tribe was amazing (pulling out Large Pro and Neek The Exotic...and then Busta..very nice add).
Wu was fucking crazy.

Seriously...I've seen Wu as a unit once already...years ago...and both  Ghost and Rae on separate occasions...but this recent performance was in-fucking-sane.  Every song from Enter The 36... plus favorites like "Criminology" and "4th Chamber".  Yes.

Shouts to my PTP RTB crew: Wifey Cat, Note D, Big June, Rob well as the duo of Wry-Lo and Spot-Lo, plus the kid Peter Baker...and my main millz from the Nuyo and Nightrain days, Apex.  More shouts to everyone who copped a Killa Shirt (even saw a FUGAZI ass "Killa Tape" shirt roaming around...had a picture of three cassette tapes....c'mon b)...
So I get online the next morning to be greeted by that!

Stock is almost out...

That's all for now.

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