Thursday, August 12, 2010

NERVOUS THURSDAY: So You Wanna Be Hardcore?

Our sentiments exactly...

Found this comment to be extra funny because of the era-appropriate so much better in reference to the following joints than say "deck", "jap", "snuck", "slap", or "smack"..."duff" would be the only other correct alternative.

I remember seeing this grimeball ass shit toward the end of a Video Music Box episode and thinking, "Damn, these cats come off as kind of intimidating."  Pretty much your typical set of goons from a block you'd think twice about walking through, dolo, as a (light-skinned) teenager who wasn't from that part of the neighborhood.  Nothing beyond ordinary in the rhymes...actually nothing much at all going on there...but the beat is dope.  Can't get any harder (and dated) than the Skull Snaps break.

Now this I fucks with.  Most people remember Top Quality from the amazing "Magnum Opus" joint.  But this is good money too...Jimmy Castor saxophones over another popular drum break of the it features 3rd Eye.  Doesn't get any more '93 than that.

Philly!  Carhartt down...with 'nuff bats and blades and Treach.  Say what you want about pre-adult rap acts and their pop novelty aesthetic...but these cats had joints (along with Illegal and Mobb Deep).

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