Thursday, August 19, 2010

NERVOUS THURSDAY: Smif & Wessun On Some Indiesent Shit

Holy shit.  I swear I was just thinking back and reminiscing about this fuckin' gem of a NYC public access show, Indiesent Exposure, while getting over a long night of "head trauma" (probably due to the host, Johnny B-High, and his on-camera m.o. - seriously, every segment opened the same way).  As a younger fuck, I was kinda thrown off by JBH's appearance, at first, with money lookin' like a straight metalhead-stoner more than the typical Hip Hop head (black down, the very-fitted jeans, the long hair, brolic goatee, the crazy shades and snapback caps years after they went out from their 80's explosion)...but after a few eps, and seeing who he ran with and consistently supported, I came to realize that he had more of a Rick Rubin steez going on...and shit was very official as the show featured ill interviews such as the following joint with a '95 Smif & Wessun talking about their amazing debut, Dah Shinin' (homeboy constantly bigged up the entire Duck Down team - Shuckie Duckie and Eddie Mashedi...WHAT UP THUNS!).  Needless to say, this show (and its wall of smoke) was a staple on my tube for years if I was in on a late Sunday night.

This is such a dope clip!  Straight '95 Bucktown NY shit with back-to-back L's (read: blunts...except the B-High seemingly always had Zigs rolled), shittin' on West Coast "Chronic", Tek's Carhartt cap, members of O.G.C. and Heltah Skeltah right after their first on-record cameos (look at Rock!).  Check Steele's sagely speak on that Bob Marley blunted tip.

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