Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kill Devil Hills


Quick word to the masses.  Okay, so most new music doesn't excite us here at PTP...shit just ain't rockin' like that these days.  There's a lack of vibe.  Whatever whatever whatever...embittered rant aside.


Owl beasts!  Not only that...but Bill is just as beastly, if not more, from point A-Z of this paranoid masterpiece.  Keeping things 1000% with the content...and a delivery akin to his earlier days in Non Phix.
Thank the lord for Muggs and his use of mucho drum breaks.

Check the video if you haven't's like Venture Bros. in goon vision.

And get the Gold Edition of OB4CL2...and get MF Grimm's You Only Live Twice...

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