Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friends Not Forgotten

Wow.  My homegal (and nasty MC) Eternia linked me to a recent video interview she did for The Source Magazine with a special memory lane treat as the opening soundtrack piece.  Here's the link (not THAT nice with this code ish to have embedded it from The pun).

The joint still stands as one of my most-favored/shining moments as a bedroom everything was done pretty much on the spot in one night, in one old room (aka The Kitchen, fka The Dust Hut).  The MPC2000, my PC running Cool Edit Pro (peace to the Manhattan College LAN), and a Shure mic (either KSM32 or SM57, oh my)...maybe a mic-pre...that's it.  I threw on the beat and she just went off on a page in her book (yeah the sample isn't THAT rare anymore, but this was before the Dusty F comps and before whoever out of Eastern Conference sampled it - though IMO, my beat, as simple as it is, kills that shit).

Honestly, around that time, I was real used to E being on a less-aggro approach...think in Pharoahe Monch terms...I would say her vibe was more on "The Light", as opposed to say "Behind Closed Doors" or "No Mercy" (see: Internal Affairs)...but this was the same lady that, in '97, I heard spit nothing but ultra-vicious, interplanetary destruction...I even have old video footy of it in the archives to prove it (along with footage of a poor Italian female MC who wanted to meet "Puff Daddy" in front of the Nuyo...THAT verbal exchange was way beyond words).  I knew she had something much darker still lurking underneath...just needed the right amount of ugly to bring it out.  Welp, whatever it was that night, be it the beat or the room vibe or a combination of the two...the end result was anything but "light".

Watch the interview, peep the background music, I'll try to track down a copy to post for you good people (as well as that '97 video)...and go get Eternia's new project with (dope) producer MoSS called At Last.  Here's to fresh product as a result of the natural chemistry you have when working with good friends.

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