Friday, August 6, 2010

The Deputy

Fuck that...G-Dep gets more shine on PTP.

The above clip is old...and from the "Hip Hop World Championships"(???? No idea).  Unfortunately, the video is way out of sync, but I can play this shit on repeat and still hear gems the 10th time around.  At his prime, Dep was easily one of my picks as best to ever come out of Harlem's rap breeding grounds (the whole Money Makin' in general).  Word play and flow like a motherfucker.

Indulge in a golden stroll through memory lane now, would ya?  Back in 2002, I had a long train ride up to SUNY Purchase ahead of me.  Armed with three CD's - 50 Cent's Get Rich Or Die Tryin', Freeway's Philadelphia Freeway, and G-Dep's Child Of The Ghetto...all of which I had already thoroughly ran through at different points in time - I felt confident that the train would then seem unrealistically fast.  Freeway kept me entertained from my old spot to Grand Central Terminal...once in the train, I threw in 50's much celebrated Shady/Aftermath debut (I was a huge fan of his for-the-streets catalog before that)...but then ny track 3 or 4, something hit me.  I just couldn't do it anymore.  Straight up and down, I started to feel like I was being shorted of something.  With more than enough travel time left, I popped G-Dep's COTG into my discman and felt the weight of my anxieties (as a listener) sprout wings to fly off.  Since that fateful moment, I've not ever played an entire 50 album (true stillz)!

(Look for Part II, to be continued...)

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  1. if this is old then why did he go around on vhs wearing that cool cap back then already that all hipsters is wearing now? explain that if you will!