Friday, August 6, 2010

The Deputy, Part II (Tracks Included)

Without putting too much weight on a feeble game of direct comparison, Dep (and Free) was just way more technically competent and interesting as a rapper.  Sure, Get Rich Or Die Trying was a good-to-great listen at first, as it was certainly laced with some solid as fuck production (and more importantly, high production-value), but Curt Jackson was only a dude you looked to for a confidently worded street tale, not to be the MC's MC.  50's gift was ultimately his knack for staying within the scope of standard song structure revolving around catchy hooks...and bridges (and, arguably, his ear for production...or just his production team), otherwise his delivery/flow/cadence remained pretty underwhelming/Plain Jane to me.  

To be real, he was more of a bi-product of street cats like The Lox (ironically), State Property, CNN, and the like...he was just able to turn "edgy" into something very accessible to the rest of the world (I once, for whatever reason, was on the Disney channel and witnessed one teenage co-host randomly repeating, in post-announcement/pre-commercial break fair, "what makes you think that I won't run up on you with the nine", all with the only appropriate hand-turned-gun gestures to the head of his female T.V. counterpart).  I swear to everything Disney didn't rise up from the ice pack he's using as a bed and immediately cast a flesh-consuming cloud of locusts upon this kid is so beyond me(!!!!).  So fine, this 50 vs. G-Dep thing is kinda apples & oranges...but it unfortunately happened and left an indelible print on my psyche.

Here at PTP, we appreciate our peoples and the time they spend in reading through our anecdotal in return, since most people I come across generally haven't heard enough G-Dep to constitute an informed opinion, here are some heaters off of the sought after ADVANCE version of COTG (did a little digging and got my copy back)!  Enjoy bits of a post-B.I.G. era Bad Boy album that more reflects their earlier roots and uptown living than things like Harlem World or No Way Out (though I heavily fucks with Shyne and Black Rob's debut efforts, both of the same era on Bad Boy, as well).

"Child Of The Ghetto" (OG version...sans Puff on background vocals)

"For The Kids" (Dep doing his best Uncle Ricky)


"Fuck On The First Night" (OG version...original, very dope, beat...pretty much a sequel to "Head Over Wheels"...just ignore the 2nd'll understand)

"It's All Over" (Feat. Carl Thomas)

"Gather up the artillery, ya feelin' me?
What gives? Tryin' to live was killin' me"

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