Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BRUTAL TUESDAY: Brutal Takeover In Brooklyn

Here's the overdue coverage of July's Union Pool destruction as laid by Wetnurse, Landmine Marathon, and Salome (courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan and 1000 Knives).

Wetnurse x Landmine Marathon x Salome - Live @ Union Pool, BKNY from Geng Grizzly on Vimeo.

Another video by your mans and 'em.  File under: "Jazzy DeathNoiseDoomSludgeGrindHardcoreViolenceBlast Nasty".

So as I've previously explained, the pitiful iFLIP simply could not withstand the force that was Wetnurse...so I escaped only with footage of the song you see/hear...here...in the video (I have no idea how Apple's little invention got through the pummel of Landmine...but let's all be happy it did).  Not only that, but by the time Salome took the stage, I had already burned away most of the recording time, thus leaving me with enough for only one entire joint.  Needless to say, I feel like this video, though not quite shorting anyone, does not do the two aforementioned beasts the justice that they deserve.  In reality, you should not be judging any band by a video on the Internet (but rather by the sound of the records and off the performance, in-person), especially not any one of these three incredible metallic conglomerates.

Yes, that one part where the camera goes nuts is due to volunteering to get caught in a mosh.

Also note how scary Salome look with the blurriness, from being in the back of the room, and the red lighting.  Visuals appropriate enough for their mega downtuned, landslide of sinister-as-fuck soundclashery.


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