Friday, August 27, 2010

Bless Clark's Soul

First off, mega shouts to Aaron for the kind words on PTP and the recent Killa Shirt video (I got you on that "Size M" family!).

So the title of this could be a witty play on words having to do with a footwear staple amongst Hip Hop heads and snazzy Brits (and sartorialistic heritage'y kids everywhere else)...but it's really not going there.  Maybe it should have...but if you're a good human being, you will be very fine with the original intent of this post: to showcase yet another installment of B-Less Radio's pow wow with Super DJ Clark Kent.

So Mr.'d you get into production?

Check out this here link for the original Boundless NY post (which includes a nice little mathematically-inclined breakdown of what made DJ Clark Kent the producer he is today).

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