Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rock The Bells (and your Killa Shirt ) 2010

Rock The Bells was pretty damn intense.  I am sun burnt.  The lines gettin' in were hellish...and the line to the ferry back to the motherland (rotten as it is - NYC) was even more punishing on the senses.

I gotta say, outdoor music fests just ain't really my thing anymore...but this one was a good one to go out on because of the handful of really dope performances.  It actually sorta felt like a Rocksteady Anniversary up at Gaelic Park...with the amount of heads, dirt/grass/dust, sun damage, and silly Hip Hop antics you came Tony Toca was KILLIN' the tables (as usual)...just in a "V.I.P. tent" this time.

Performance Highlights:
Rakim was amazing.
Tribe was amazing (pulling out Large Pro and Neek The Exotic...and then Busta..very nice add).
Wu was fucking crazy.

Seriously...I've seen Wu as a unit once already...years ago...and both  Ghost and Rae on separate occasions...but this recent performance was in-fucking-sane.  Every song from Enter The 36... plus favorites like "Criminology" and "4th Chamber".  Yes.

Shouts to my PTP RTB crew: Wifey Cat, Note D, Big June, Rob well as the duo of Wry-Lo and Spot-Lo, plus the kid Peter Baker...and my main millz from the Nuyo and Nightrain days, Apex.  More shouts to everyone who copped a Killa Shirt (even saw a FUGAZI ass "Killa Tape" shirt roaming around...had a picture of three cassette tapes....c'mon b)...
So I get online the next morning to be greeted by that!

Stock is almost out...

That's all for now.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bless Clark's Soul

First off, mega shouts to Aaron for the kind words on PTP and the recent Killa Shirt video (I got you on that "Size M" family!).

So the title of this could be a witty play on words having to do with a footwear staple amongst Hip Hop heads and snazzy Brits (and sartorialistic heritage'y kids everywhere else)...but it's really not going there.  Maybe it should have...but if you're a good human being, you will be very fine with the original intent of this post: to showcase yet another installment of B-Less Radio's pow wow with Super DJ Clark Kent.

So Mr.'d you get into production?

Check out this here link for the original Boundless NY post (which includes a nice little mathematically-inclined breakdown of what made DJ Clark Kent the producer he is today).


Just finished toiling over a hot laptop and buggy iMovie '08 to bring you this new video.  PTP proudly presents to you...the KILLA SHIRT (aka the "Woo Tang", aka the "John Wu", aka the "Woo Wu", aka the "Tony Wza")!

The ad is a short edit of an original idea, therefore it is only hints to how this shirt fully reps all that killa shit.  A double-tribute...tied together in light of this weekend's promise of Wu doing the entire Enter The 36 Chambers at Rock The Bells.  That ain't no small shit, so PTP figured it was time to do something this serious...and wearable.

On the front, a bold and timeless frame off of John Woo's masterpiece, The Killer (one of my favorites of all time).  Flip it over and you have the classic Raekwon quote (off of Enter The 36...'s "7th Chamber" intro...)...all silkscreened as a classy purple and black color print.  To add on, remember our favorite album that retained a nickname which was then adopted as part of the namesake to this very website?  Yes, that Purple Tape.  That Purple Tape which was enveloped in audio snippets from the same John Woo work of art as referenced on the Killa Shirt along with words from the favored wordsmith behind said album.  Full circle.  Everything is everything.

Please note: we do not have a store/shopping cart system set up just yet.
To get your Killa Shirt today, send a message over to with your shirt size and desired quantity.  We'll set you up proper.

Sizes: S-XL (2XL and XS on special order)

Also, look out for this shirt (or another edition of it) to appear at a favorite retailer, soon...but best believe you will get the best deal by dealin' direct.  So hit us up.

Seriously, it has been a week since receiving these in hand and the response has been tremendous.  Not one email blast, post, tumble, or tweet yet...and we're almost out of the first batch.  Extra EARLY!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Queens classic.

One of my favorites from the mighty PRC aka Powerule Crew...or quite simply, Powerule.

These cats survived the test of changing time and era.  You want that late 80's stee?  Go check "Smooth" and even "Brick In The Wall" (came out in '90...but still).  You want that '97 stee?  It's all about "Bright Lights, Big City".  A catalog reflecting more than a decade of street corner hits.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Professor Speaks...

Part 1 - How he got on: joints for Intelligent Hoodlum, check from Marley Marl, his first SP-1200, noise complaints, Kool G Rap, Rakim, 18 years old.

Part 2 - The days of Main Source and puttin' Nasty Nas on.

Large Professor.  One of the dopest, most accomplished, and most humble producers out there.  If you haven't already, check the Boundless Radio episode he was featured on to hear crazy gems and check for his joint on Teddy King's Nas remix project dropping sometime in the future (also featuring a Geng-Grizzly heater ...or two?).

Kill Devil Hills


Quick word to the masses.  Okay, so most new music doesn't excite us here at PTP...shit just ain't rockin' like that these days.  There's a lack of vibe.  Whatever whatever whatever...embittered rant aside.


Owl beasts!  Not only that...but Bill is just as beastly, if not more, from point A-Z of this paranoid masterpiece.  Keeping things 1000% with the content...and a delivery akin to his earlier days in Non Phix.
Thank the lord for Muggs and his use of mucho drum breaks.

Check the video if you haven't's like Venture Bros. in goon vision.

And get the Gold Edition of OB4CL2...and get MF Grimm's You Only Live Twice...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BRUTAL TUESDAY: Random Acts Of Brutality

Courtesy, once again, of KillThatCat (on Youtube).  Dude has so much footy...some super-rare shit.  I spent a good hour too many raiding his video crates last night.  Some favorites:

West Coast:

Despise You - 3/22/08 - 924 Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA

Spazz - 7/05/97 - Albany, NY

Enewetak - 7/20/96 - Goleta HC Fest, Goleta, CA

East Coast:

Cattlepress - 10/05/97 - Coney Island High, NYC

Born Against - 11/15/91 - Philadelphia, PA

Rorschach - 7/16/93 - 924 Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA

Monday, August 23, 2010

"Show You How To Turn A Broken Cellphone..."

"...into a ratchet."

DJ Muggs Vs. Ill Bill "Trouble Shooters" (ft. Sean Price, O.C., Sick Jaken)

GOD DAMN!  This is what I'm talkin' about.  Let me remind you that DJ Muggs is a master at creating a sinister track from a 2-4 second loop...(see Cypress' Temples... and the Soul Assassins comps)...the perfect backdrop for any NYC MC over which to go apeshit.  Ill Bill and co. do just that.  I'm also supremely glad that Bill is on that calmer, rapid fire G Rap stee (and not the "crazy yelling whiteboy" shit he was flexin' hard for a while there - just a much better look in this day and age, IMO).  His content still remains on the mega paranoid, intelligent goon shit, which is exactly what I look for when I put on any track with his name on it (he's easily one of the best to do it...and don't get it twisted...him and the Non Phixion gang were the ORIGINAL goons...seemingly a decade and change before Jim Jones made it a slang fad uptown when he called up Hot 97 to spazz on Ma$e).
If the rest of the Kill Devil Hills project sounds anything like this track, then I'd go on to call it the best pairing of a single MC to Muggs production on a full-length scale.  In general, it's refreshing to see an album that utilizes a single producer/production team to score the entire sonic foray, for it's a concept that has been far too scantly exercised in this recent decade and change of (non-compilation) Hip Hop album-making.  This rings truest for both Eastern and Western extremities, as much of the South relies on the same combo of 808's and Triton kits (therefore many producers of that region, though not quite sounding "alike", have less trouble bearing too much of a contrasting style when grouped in with other Southern styled beatmakers...bottom-line, it's not that hard to sound cohesive if you use the same sounds as the other guy).  Muggs is a vet at both pumping out top quality product, track by track, as well as organizing said product to create a tightly-welded soundscape, at album's I'm pretty confident that this is gonna be a good one.

Let me just say again, that all of the MC's do large damage...boasting a perfect combination of mid-90's intelligence and vocab with modern day delivery and wordplay to maintain an exceptional degree of progressive relevance (and not getting lost in sounding "overly-nostalgic"...or "outdated").  I can't front, I haven't heard any recent O.C. shit, but from the sound of this, it seems I'm overdue for a mission in excavation!

Props to Unkut for the joint.  Look out for the Fat Beats NYC memoir collab we're doing coming in the near near future.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Straight From The Slums Of Bushwick...

Up from the thirty-si...okay nah...but what you see is a hint to what's to come this weekend here at Purple Tape Pedigree.

Killa Tape shirts (aka the "Woo Tangs"...a bit of a tribute) on the way!  Get yours ordered and rock that during Wu's 36 Chambers set at Rock The Bells next weekend.

Currently, this limited edition is available from sizes S-XL (special order for XXL)...Black/Purple on White...front & rear print.

Look out for the video...

Beanies coming sooner than you think...

You Can't Make Everybody Happy...Not Even If You're Superman.

Part 3 of Boundless NY's video feature on DJ Clark Kent.

More life lessons.  You know, Clark, brandishing that outlook was probably how you became the grandmaster you are today.  Here's to perseverance and trying to convert all the naysayers.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

NERVOUS THURSDAY: Smif & Wessun On Some Indiesent Shit

Holy shit.  I swear I was just thinking back and reminiscing about this fuckin' gem of a NYC public access show, Indiesent Exposure, while getting over a long night of "head trauma" (probably due to the host, Johnny B-High, and his on-camera m.o. - seriously, every segment opened the same way).  As a younger fuck, I was kinda thrown off by JBH's appearance, at first, with money lookin' like a straight metalhead-stoner more than the typical Hip Hop head (black down, the very-fitted jeans, the long hair, brolic goatee, the crazy shades and snapback caps years after they went out from their 80's explosion)...but after a few eps, and seeing who he ran with and consistently supported, I came to realize that he had more of a Rick Rubin steez going on...and shit was very official as the show featured ill interviews such as the following joint with a '95 Smif & Wessun talking about their amazing debut, Dah Shinin' (homeboy constantly bigged up the entire Duck Down team - Shuckie Duckie and Eddie Mashedi...WHAT UP THUNS!).  Needless to say, this show (and its wall of smoke) was a staple on my tube for years if I was in on a late Sunday night.

This is such a dope clip!  Straight '95 Bucktown NY shit with back-to-back L's (read: blunts...except the B-High seemingly always had Zigs rolled), shittin' on West Coast "Chronic", Tek's Carhartt cap, members of O.G.C. and Heltah Skeltah right after their first on-record cameos (look at Rock!).  Check Steele's sagely speak on that Bob Marley blunted tip.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ayatollah: Marley Marl Gave Me My Sampler

I've known about and respected the work of Ayatollah for a good minute and a half (more like for the last 12-13 years).  He's always had a darker, dusty, soulful approach to his beats, imagine a Queens version of the mid-90's Wu sound.  He was doing high-pitched soul vocals way before it was en vogue, partially to compensate for his MPC 60's slender bit of sampling time (a total of 26 seconds with which to work an entire beat, I believe, and that's if the machine was fully expanded - pardon the tech geek shit)...therefore, most of his sounds came into the machine already sped-up, sampled at 45rpm, and then slowed down to a rap-friendly tempo (also what ultimately added more grit to the final product - more tech geek shit).

Wait...where'd you get your MPC 60?!

The other highlight of this interview is the bit about how he started with some pretty non-standard (or, inferior) equipment, yet learned the in's and out's of each piece until he could literally trick people into thinking he was kitted out like the "pro's".  A lot of us had to go through this before the Internet/Digital Age (I guess you can call it "paying dues").  I actually know exactly what God-awful belt-driven Gemeni's he's talking about because those are exactly what I started with before I had enough for a pair of 1200's.  And don't get me started on making beats with a crappy sampler and two tape decks... shouts to my ace Tage for leaving that MPC at my crib for the weekend.  Life changing shit.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BRUTAL TUESDAY: Brutal Takeover In Brooklyn

Here's the overdue coverage of July's Union Pool destruction as laid by Wetnurse, Landmine Marathon, and Salome (courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan and 1000 Knives).

Wetnurse x Landmine Marathon x Salome - Live @ Union Pool, BKNY from Geng Grizzly on Vimeo.

Another video by your mans and 'em.  File under: "Jazzy DeathNoiseDoomSludgeGrindHardcoreViolenceBlast Nasty".

So as I've previously explained, the pitiful iFLIP simply could not withstand the force that was I escaped only with footage of the song you see/ the video (I have no idea how Apple's little invention got through the pummel of Landmine...but let's all be happy it did).  Not only that, but by the time Salome took the stage, I had already burned away most of the recording time, thus leaving me with enough for only one entire joint.  Needless to say, I feel like this video, though not quite shorting anyone, does not do the two aforementioned beasts the justice that they deserve.  In reality, you should not be judging any band by a video on the Internet (but rather by the sound of the records and off the performance, in-person), especially not any one of these three incredible metallic conglomerates.

Yes, that one part where the camera goes nuts is due to volunteering to get caught in a mosh.

Also note how scary Salome look with the blurriness, from being in the back of the room, and the red lighting.  Visuals appropriate enough for their mega downtuned, landslide of sinister-as-fuck soundclashery.


Monday, August 16, 2010

How Clark Got His Wheels

Part 2 of the Boundless Radio series featuring Clark Kent.  Chalk up another one for my man Kell Deezy.  Watch, learn, crazy kids are very lucky to living in a time when one can just hop on the computer and get everything to start his/her journey on the road to DJ-slash-musical mash-up re-edit uber remix wizard superstardom in a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Sauce

Stumbled across some more new joints from duke.  This is real tough and I kinda wish I posted this instead of "Still Poppin'"...though that joint bumps, this is simply far more of a gargantuan re-introduction IMO.

One more gain...

Freestyle for DJ Kay Slay over some classic breakbeats.  In the immortal words of the aforementioned DJ, "DAAAAAAAAMN!!!!!!"

"Remember when BIG used to kill Versace
Like Andrew Cunanan
If I see what you plannin'
I'll double back and blaze my new cannon..."

Thursday, August 12, 2010

NERVOUS THURSDAY: So You Wanna Be Hardcore?

Our sentiments exactly...

Found this comment to be extra funny because of the era-appropriate so much better in reference to the following joints than say "deck", "jap", "snuck", "slap", or "smack"..."duff" would be the only other correct alternative.

I remember seeing this grimeball ass shit toward the end of a Video Music Box episode and thinking, "Damn, these cats come off as kind of intimidating."  Pretty much your typical set of goons from a block you'd think twice about walking through, dolo, as a (light-skinned) teenager who wasn't from that part of the neighborhood.  Nothing beyond ordinary in the rhymes...actually nothing much at all going on there...but the beat is dope.  Can't get any harder (and dated) than the Skull Snaps break.

Now this I fucks with.  Most people remember Top Quality from the amazing "Magnum Opus" joint.  But this is good money too...Jimmy Castor saxophones over another popular drum break of the it features 3rd Eye.  Doesn't get any more '93 than that.

Philly!  Carhartt down...with 'nuff bats and blades and Treach.  Say what you want about pre-adult rap acts and their pop novelty aesthetic...but these cats had joints (along with Illegal and Mobb Deep).

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Uncle Rock-Right-Now

I'm all for the vets maintaining their squabbles and finding the means to stay stylistically relevant as MC's.  Here's one of the realest examples I can throw your way.  Apart from the god Kool G Rap, Ricky-D is still the master after surviving many generations of Hip Hop.  He straight shits on everyone with this...effortlessly (typical Uncle Ricky only he can do it).  I don't wanna hear anything for a few minutes after that verse.  Repeat play this...

Shouts to Monday Chris at Big City Records for puttin' me onto this.

Sauce Money...still poppin'

Sauce is one of the fuckin' none.

Easily one of my favorites of all-time.  Even while he qualifies as being of the heavier MC weight would never be able to tell from his vocal agility.  Unlike many other hefty cats, he bypassed the section about boasting a discomfortingly throaty voice and/or neck-slit-with-a-mouthful-of-rice breathing issues that usually come pre-packaged in a bigger guy's delivery (no lie, when the booth more sounds like you're at the dinner table with dude as he indulges in a glutinous, to say the least, plate of smothered finger foods...and clams - it's not easy to get beyond that).

Plus...dude has destroyed and ended careers.  Case in point, a handful of years ago, Nature (whom I was a fan of earlier on)...called duke a purse snatcher(!!)...ouch.

That shit is just sad...I was a fan of Nature until I heard the track HE made for Sauce and Nas...c'mon b...straight mosquito bites.

Bottom-line, Sauce Motherfuckin' is the rap equivalent of a .50-cal Desi NEVER want to find yourself on the "other end" of that.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Purple Tape II, Continued

And to continue with the Nah Right love...

From Nah Right:
The Chef is re-releasing OBC4L2 with 6 new songs, exclusively through iTunes on Tuesday, August 17th.

Never Matter To You (feat. Bun B)
Rock Stars (feat. GZA & Inspectah Deck)
About Me (feat. Game) (Remix)
New Wu (Remix)
Broken Safety (Remix)
Penitentiary (Travis Barker Remix)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Boundless Radio X Nah Right

New Boundless Radio featuring the legendary DJ CLARK KENT.  To further celebrate the gargantuan nature of this event, my Boundless NY peoples got together with Hip Hop blog-nation monarchs, Nah Right, to really fly it out the park.

Boundless Radio Presents: DJ Clark Kent (Part 1), Directed by Kellen Dengler

Check the above-posted Part 1 of a 3-part video series...I know you will by default, it's another installment of Boundless Radio and Clark-fuckin'-Kent.  Boundless NY got some marvelous shit on deck..stay tuned.

Shouts to Tes, Aaron, Kellen, Teddy, Sticks, and the rest of the Boundless NY fam!

Trust me, so many jewels are dropped in this if you haven't already, get it.
Download Boundless Radio x Nah Right Present... DJ Clark Kent and Teddy King for Boundless Radio

Click for the full post off of Boundless NY

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Deputy, Part II (Tracks Included)

Without putting too much weight on a feeble game of direct comparison, Dep (and Free) was just way more technically competent and interesting as a rapper.  Sure, Get Rich Or Die Trying was a good-to-great listen at first, as it was certainly laced with some solid as fuck production (and more importantly, high production-value), but Curt Jackson was only a dude you looked to for a confidently worded street tale, not to be the MC's MC.  50's gift was ultimately his knack for staying within the scope of standard song structure revolving around catchy hooks...and bridges (and, arguably, his ear for production...or just his production team), otherwise his delivery/flow/cadence remained pretty underwhelming/Plain Jane to me.  

To be real, he was more of a bi-product of street cats like The Lox (ironically), State Property, CNN, and the like...he was just able to turn "edgy" into something very accessible to the rest of the world (I once, for whatever reason, was on the Disney channel and witnessed one teenage co-host randomly repeating, in post-announcement/pre-commercial break fair, "what makes you think that I won't run up on you with the nine", all with the only appropriate hand-turned-gun gestures to the head of his female T.V. counterpart).  I swear to everything Disney didn't rise up from the ice pack he's using as a bed and immediately cast a flesh-consuming cloud of locusts upon this kid is so beyond me(!!!!).  So fine, this 50 vs. G-Dep thing is kinda apples & oranges...but it unfortunately happened and left an indelible print on my psyche.

Here at PTP, we appreciate our peoples and the time they spend in reading through our anecdotal in return, since most people I come across generally haven't heard enough G-Dep to constitute an informed opinion, here are some heaters off of the sought after ADVANCE version of COTG (did a little digging and got my copy back)!  Enjoy bits of a post-B.I.G. era Bad Boy album that more reflects their earlier roots and uptown living than things like Harlem World or No Way Out (though I heavily fucks with Shyne and Black Rob's debut efforts, both of the same era on Bad Boy, as well).

"Child Of The Ghetto" (OG version...sans Puff on background vocals)

"For The Kids" (Dep doing his best Uncle Ricky)


"Fuck On The First Night" (OG version...original, very dope, beat...pretty much a sequel to "Head Over Wheels"...just ignore the 2nd'll understand)

"It's All Over" (Feat. Carl Thomas)

"Gather up the artillery, ya feelin' me?
What gives? Tryin' to live was killin' me"

The Deputy

Fuck that...G-Dep gets more shine on PTP.

The above clip is old...and from the "Hip Hop World Championships"(???? No idea).  Unfortunately, the video is way out of sync, but I can play this shit on repeat and still hear gems the 10th time around.  At his prime, Dep was easily one of my picks as best to ever come out of Harlem's rap breeding grounds (the whole Money Makin' in general).  Word play and flow like a motherfucker.

Indulge in a golden stroll through memory lane now, would ya?  Back in 2002, I had a long train ride up to SUNY Purchase ahead of me.  Armed with three CD's - 50 Cent's Get Rich Or Die Tryin', Freeway's Philadelphia Freeway, and G-Dep's Child Of The Ghetto...all of which I had already thoroughly ran through at different points in time - I felt confident that the train would then seem unrealistically fast.  Freeway kept me entertained from my old spot to Grand Central Terminal...once in the train, I threw in 50's much celebrated Shady/Aftermath debut (I was a huge fan of his for-the-streets catalog before that)...but then ny track 3 or 4, something hit me.  I just couldn't do it anymore.  Straight up and down, I started to feel like I was being shorted of something.  With more than enough travel time left, I popped G-Dep's COTG into my discman and felt the weight of my anxieties (as a listener) sprout wings to fly off.  Since that fateful moment, I've not ever played an entire 50 album (true stillz)!

(Look for Part II, to be continued...)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

NERVOUS THURSDAY: Ends With The Shovel

You already know this.  You have to.

I really disliked all of the electronic remixes those heads did...though it seemed interesting on paper.  The OG version just wins and wins again...maybe if someone made an interesting Hip Hop remix to it, maybe that'd work nicely (I feel that it sorta deserves a nasty remix to further live on through the generations).  But let's not front at all...that beat...that beat...that fuckin' beat.  I've heard hundreds of verses spat and accapellas blended over it.  Shit, I even saw b-boy/b-girl routines done to it, slow as it is.

Needless to say, this goes down as one of the most classicallestest indie 12's ever...

Monday, August 2, 2010

?!!?!??!??!! (mildly nsfw)

This is not new...but I figured why not change it up for a second around here...and this eclipses all that weirdo style shit (to use a Peedi Crakk phrase)...even Kool Keith's "Dick Towel" video.

No words.

Okay. Can I just say that I refrained from throwing in any obvious Hip Hop reference when titling this post (otherwise I would have gone for "More Fish"). to our regularly scheduled...

ATCT Promo Video

Recorded via iFLIP on July 21, 2010 at Sound Clash Recordings by yours truly.  Edited and slapped together last night via outdated iMOVIE, by yours truly.

A rehearsal for tonight's A Tribe Called Tes show at Le Poisson Rouge turned mini-session when my man Tes-Uno brought along his "tribe" (B.M.T. - Boundless Music Team...amongst other things...WHAT UP LIL DUNNIES!).  Shouts to everyone in the footage and my peoples at Sound Clash for housing the semi-mayhem.

Enjoy, come out tonight, download the album, and cop the t-shirt by A.Lister.

A Tribe Called Tes, Mini-Session from Geng Grizzly on Vimeo.

Check the linkage for more info and download action.

A Tribe Called Tes, Tonight

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friends Not Forgotten

Wow.  My homegal (and nasty MC) Eternia linked me to a recent video interview she did for The Source Magazine with a special memory lane treat as the opening soundtrack piece.  Here's the link (not THAT nice with this code ish to have embedded it from The pun).

The joint still stands as one of my most-favored/shining moments as a bedroom everything was done pretty much on the spot in one night, in one old room (aka The Kitchen, fka The Dust Hut).  The MPC2000, my PC running Cool Edit Pro (peace to the Manhattan College LAN), and a Shure mic (either KSM32 or SM57, oh my)...maybe a mic-pre...that's it.  I threw on the beat and she just went off on a page in her book (yeah the sample isn't THAT rare anymore, but this was before the Dusty F comps and before whoever out of Eastern Conference sampled it - though IMO, my beat, as simple as it is, kills that shit).