Friday, July 2, 2010

The Real Thing

Holy shit.  Faith No More in 40 minutes in BK.  AMPED.

Grew up listening to these cats, Metallica, GnR, and Primus (whom I heard is also performing this summer at the Williamsburg Waterfront - again, AMPED).  There's not another thrash-punk-prog-funk-hybrid-mutant band that can get me this hype.  "Epic", though terribly played the fuck to the ground (thanks Karaoke bars and Rock Band), still rules.

It's crazy how many cats have come out the woodwork as old FNM fans when they heard about this show...shouts to my millz Benny-D who's going to Philly to enjoy this first-time-in-a-decade experience.  If you're not able to make any of the shows this least do yourself good by bumpin' The Real Thing and Angel Dust...enjoy the genius of this nutty ass band...I'll let you know how it translated on tonight's stage (though I've seen nothing but beyond promising recent footy of them - still throwing down).

Pro OG Footy:

Check the surprise bodyslam steez...

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