Thursday, July 29, 2010

NERVOUS THURSDAYS: Life's A 50-50 Gamble

This song was crazy ill for a few non-disputable reasons.  1. Trigger's ver-derse.  2. DV's verse.  3. Smoothe's verse.  4. A catchy, sing-song'y hook in '96 that didn't fall under the soft, "let's rehash this 80's hit love ballad" category.  5. "Melting Pot" being sampled in ' then create a new age, thugged out B-Boy anthem.  Oh yeah, 6. the way Smoothe drops mention of the Illuminati is too tough!

Trig and Smoothe (or Smoothe and Trig) really brought some fresh innovation to the 1-2-mic-pass tradition.  Not only did they boast a complimentary pairing of vocal qualities, but the concepts they thought up to apply toward wordplay and phrasing were nextnextnext level.  Graduates of the EPMD-meets-Rae&Ghost Academy of Dynamic Duo'ism.

After first witnessing the potential on joints like "Broken Language" and "My Brother, My Ace", to then hearing this and the mixtape classic, "Hitman For Hire"...I cannot tell you how mad I was at Def Jam for for shelving Trigger's Life's A 50-50 Gamble (the grudge would last for years to follow).  Thanks, Def Jam, for subjecting me to glueing my finger to the rewind button whenever I popped in an old Stretch Armstrong radio tape that featured this joint (not a bad thing, but I'm sayin').

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