Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BRUTAL TUESDAY: Live Tonight @ Union Pool, BK

Summer and live music...always a great combo...this year I am seeing so much on the horizon from here til September.  Faith No More at the Waterfront was nothing short of incredible.  Up next, a show that is just rip-your-fucking-skull-in-half badness.
Super excited to see my boys Wetnurse return to the stage...with a new ditty or two underwing...and to be playing with Landmine Marathon, whom I missed in NYC last year (they destroyed Lit).  I have no comment (yet) on Salome as I have yet to catch up with their sonic offerings...but I'd gladly pay $10 for either Wetnurse or Landmine, dolo, because both bands completely deliver both on record and on stage (perhaps even more, live).  Two of my favorite front people today (Nurse's Gene = vocals on multiple personality disorder, stage antics like a sleepwalker struck by the Mack-truck-force of his own worst fears infinitely repeating before him.  Landmine's Grace = her voice will make you wish you left your pregnant wife at home and she'll kick your teeth out if you don't agree with abortion by sonic mudfight).

Landmine Marathon and Salome will also be playing at the Cake Shop on July 15...but you're better off risking life and limb to see Wetnurse along with 'em tonight.


Just for kicks, a little Nurse liveness from last year...

P.S. What other shows are on the PTP calendar? Primus at the Waterfront, Tes-Uno's A Tribe Called Tes at Le Poisson Rouge, the headliners of Rock The Bells, Drop Dead in BK, Black (fuckin') Army Jacket reuniting at the Cake Shop (again, BK Vegan, I owe you something very valuable), and i

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