Monday, May 10, 2010

I Still Write My Rhymes On Paper

Probably my favorite of the recent finds on the 'tube.

Fuck that. Everything new (at least since the Ice Water signing) from CNN has been ill. The War Report II is at the top of my list for anticipated releases this year. Fuck your corny swagger-new jack-weirdo name rap. That shit holds no weight, so keep that in the single-digit 2000's. CNN made two classic albums when you had to be nasty to achieve such a feat...their first being a SUPER classic. If you don't agree, you are probably scared of life or in need of a nanny still (you'd be scared, but you get the "age pass").

I wish this was an original CNN beat. Nothing against Jay Electronica, but the combo of the Just Blaze heater and Nore really showed me how back to form things really example material. Let's also not forget that Ice Water Inc. means that The Chef is on deck to help provide a platform for release...the influence is apparent...and that is one of the best things possible for their dynamic of 90's fed, reference-heavy, image spewing, street rap.

Here's the whole joint with Pone on the 2nd round murder.

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