Monday, May 10, 2010


Word.  I've been busy.  You can hear one thing I've done on this here April episode of Boundless Radio (click to download).

Like last month's ep (with Large Pro as the special guest), Teddy King mans the wheels, showcasing not only his deep-crated selection of grooves/breaks/originals and assorted Hip Hop gems, but also the newest contributions to his Nas remix project (TK, hit me with that official title...if that's even thought up yet)... those of which included two joints, done separately, by the duo of Drop Grenade... Tesly Snipes' darkened 80's reinterpretation of "Thief's Theme"...and my own vision of how G'ster "Fast Life" could have been (I know, NOT a Nas song per say, but Nas and G Rap both held equal bar weight on the joint...and c'mon, it was an easy way to throw Kool G Rap over one of my beats).

There's exclusive Purple Tape Pedigree video footy of this recording session taking place...quite some gems in there, including the live in-studio performance by Tes and the first appearance of Ted Dancin' well as varied liquid, pizza, and Stackhouse fueled moments.  Coming soon.

Shouts to the entire Boundless Crew and everyone else in the main stain Tes-Juno, Ted Dancin', Stickz, Aaron, Kellen Diesel True Religion Tuxedo (if only I had a photo to show you), my millz A2 (who had a retarded banger on last month's Boundless ep..."God Love Us"), Rugged One, and the rest...even wifey came with me and enjoyed herself (LOVE YOU CAT!).

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  1. I love you too Cat!

    Verio sexy, Geng. That white stuff better be mozzarel.