Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Take It Personal

In the advent of Keith "Guru" Elam's passing, an "official" press release has been released. Read here (scroll down to red text).

To sum it all up, it really makes no difference to me as a man (whether or not that letter is genuine article), but from a fan's perspective, the above posted press release is composed from a mind that is nothing short of delusional. The saddest shit might be the fact that Guru supposedly expresses contentment in departing without making amends with his original partner for well over a decade, DJ Premier - the DJ/Producer with whom EVERYONE will always associate Guru, no matter how bad one or two CRABS out there want to change that.

I really don't like to dig into some negative shit amidst the loss of human life (at least, not one as influential as this), but let's be real here. I cannot help but believe that Solar had a two-hand stranglehold on this piece of literature (i.e. "hit producer"??? Lines like that make this straight up fiction. We say "fuck outta here, b!"). As a matter of fact, lemme take that back a step. I don't know what would be more saddening, if this statement was indeed 100% Guru's words...or the great possibility that a grown man could exhibit such bottom feeder qualities in attempting to capitalize off of tragedy by further striving to taint one's legacy for a few more resume points.

"Take It Personal"

"I never thought that you would crab me
Undermine me, and backstab me
But I can see clearly now, the rain is gone
The pain is gone, but what you did was still wrong..."

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