Thursday, April 15, 2010


...there was Uncle Ralph McDaniels at 3:30pm. Every day I'd run home after school to witness this glorious hour of music television. Video Music Box was precisely how I found myself entrenched in music, Hip Hop really...way before the MTV's and BET's embraced it (with grubby hands). Fond memories of playing with the analog clicker-dials on the TV, channels 31, 3, 25, Whodini's "Five Minutes Of Funk", the infamous bassy voice-over from Ralph and live-situation antics from co-hosts like Vidal, Tuffy, and Crazy Sam (nervous!).

PTP highlight: KRS lookin' wild traumed, fully enjoying the moment and the classic Kane in the background.

...and if you didn't know, this show is where the term "Nervous Thursday" comes from.

Thank you Uncle Ralph.

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