Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Take It Personal

In the advent of Keith "Guru" Elam's passing, an "official" press release has been released. Read here (scroll down to red text).

To sum it all up, it really makes no difference to me as a man (whether or not that letter is genuine article), but from a fan's perspective, the above posted press release is composed from a mind that is nothing short of delusional. The saddest shit might be the fact that Guru supposedly expresses contentment in departing without making amends with his original partner for well over a decade, DJ Premier - the DJ/Producer with whom EVERYONE will always associate Guru, no matter how bad one or two CRABS out there want to change that.

I really don't like to dig into some negative shit amidst the loss of human life (at least, not one as influential as this), but let's be real here. I cannot help but believe that Solar had a two-hand stranglehold on this piece of literature (i.e. "hit producer"??? Lines like that make this straight up fiction. We say "fuck outta here, b!"). As a matter of fact, lemme take that back a step. I don't know what would be more saddening, if this statement was indeed 100% Guru's words...or the great possibility that a grown man could exhibit such bottom feeder qualities in attempting to capitalize off of tragedy by further striving to taint one's legacy for a few more resume points.

"Take It Personal"

"I never thought that you would crab me
Undermine me, and backstab me
But I can see clearly now, the rain is gone
The pain is gone, but what you did was still wrong..."

BRUTAL TUESDAY: Marvelous Persona

Not only is this movie a dope mindfuck...but the soundtrack is ill (and brutal). Besides the favored contributions from Spazz and Eyehategod, "Dragonaut" by the Stoner Metal/Doom'y giants, Sleep, gives me plenty of incentive to pop this flick in for another go around.

BRUTAL TUESDAY: Stoned Masters

Nothing says "get stoned" better than the viscose sonic downpour that is Black Sabbath. If you have never experienced the combination of A-1 traumage and the pummeling audio skullpress of the Sludge/Doom/Stoner metal gods, than you, my friend, are missing a piece of the puzzle.

Today's a perfect day to fill that void...and do it to this.

"Sweet Leaf"

Yeah...same song...just the demo version. Lyrically, the demo is nowhere near as focused as the final product...but I just can't get over how apparent the drums are on this joint. Sounds like an 80's era Rick Rubin produced/recorded this (especially think of Danzig I to understand what I'm saying). I can listen to alternate takes of early Sabbath all day.

"Sweet Leaf" (Demo Version)

4-20 Joint

Roll up, then let the bassline do the rest.

"Gotta Get Over" (Large Professor Remix)


Monday, April 19, 2010


Damn. Smoke a mean L and listen to crazy Gang Starr all day tomorrow. One of the illest duos to ever do it. R.I.P.

"Ex Girl To Next Girl"

"Code Of The Streets"

"Just Ta Get A Rep"


Thursday, April 15, 2010


A combination that NEVER loses its kick...DJ Premier and the (much younger (lighter weight, yet still heavy as fuck)) Mash Out Posse. Love this shit. This made the city kids feel the need to carry somethin' when crossing those East River waters.

M.O.P-Rugged Neva Smoove
"Rugged Neva Smoove" (DJ Premier Remix)


...there was Uncle Ralph McDaniels at 3:30pm. Every day I'd run home after school to witness this glorious hour of music television. Video Music Box was precisely how I found myself entrenched in music, Hip Hop really...way before the MTV's and BET's embraced it (with grubby hands). Fond memories of playing with the analog clicker-dials on the TV, channels 31, 3, 25, Whodini's "Five Minutes Of Funk", the infamous bassy voice-over from Ralph and live-situation antics from co-hosts like Vidal, Tuffy, and Crazy Sam (nervous!).

PTP highlight: KRS lookin' wild traumed, fully enjoying the moment and the classic Kane in the background.

...and if you didn't know, this show is where the term "Nervous Thursday" comes from.

Thank you Uncle Ralph.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Cops Get More Nervous Than Thursday's On The Box"

About 24 hours til that Tax Day deadline. Get right with Uncle Sam if ya haven't already...he's not the guy to be played with.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Damn: R.I.P. Malcolm McLaren

Last for this Thursday...sad day for music, once again .

Malcolm was a vital figure in both Punk and Hip Hop...most notably the manager of the New York Dolls and the Sex Pistols, as well as the man behind the never-fading sonic hybrids "Buffalo Gals" and "Double Dutch"...and let's not forget World's Famous Supreme Team's "Hey DJ".

"Buffalo Gals"

"Hey DJ"

"Double Dutch"

You know what's crazy...I don't know how I came up on this...but Google "Seminal Figure"...that'll tell you how important this cat was. Rest In Power.

NERVOUS THURSDAYS: "Soft Like Tiger Woods"

...never that.

Anyways...this shit is remains mega hard. I shouldn't have to sell you on why Common is dead nice. If you had not heard Common (Sense) until the whole Badu period, I can understand perhaps getting thrown off due to the Muslim spaceship hippie steez he was on...and I'm sorry. Honestly, you missed a boatload of classic material...the 3 albums that helped solidify things not only for him, but for Chicago as a city to pay attention to (at that moment, and from a NYC perspective, the only other cat putting in that much work as an MC was Twista...and No I.D. as a producer...at least).

"Hungry" (Produced by NO I.D.)

And as a sidenote for you youngins...as a producer, No I.D. is the father to your Kanye...as well as the guy behind Jay-Z's "Death Of Autotune".

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Through The Wire

More paranoid, dark shit cheffed up by Bandana P. Sid Roams on the brooding soundscape. Very ill indeed.

"Phone Tap (Welcome To State Prison)"
Probably the best from-jail/phone song ever. Shit, phone ad-libs on the hook!

Vatican IV

A little late on this...but I know some of you still don't have/know about it.

My family over at Boundless NY dropped this little gem over on their blog, pretty recently...courtesy of The Chef and DJ Riddler aka Vinny Ponte.

Click the Boundless NY link to get the whole story, plus links to the previous 3 mixtapes.  Shouts to Stick Stampede, Tesly Snipes (Drop Grenade!), Teddy King, and co.

Crazy 'sclusives.

Crying Wolf

You're gonna laugh...but they got me with this. Dead ass. Maybe it was because my girl put me onto this right as I was finishing my second reading of Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep...and let me add that I was peeping it from a distance, over her shoulder, as she was reading it to me...and probably due to a fair amount of paranoia I've invested into the seemingly dark days ahead (where's my tin foil helmet?).

(Plus I don't keep that heavy of a finger on the pulse of Hollywood these days...or in reading fine print for that matter...)

Yep. I thought they were "legally" pedaling bionic arms and spine upgrades.

Good job to these folks.

...and yes, I secretly really wanted this to be real.

Jake The Snake...

I could seriously watch this scene once everyday for the rest of my life...(for reasons all too obvious).