Friday, March 19, 2010

Dick Towel

Fuckin' shit. There's no title better for this post. No play on words or cool semi-quote can outshine that.
More brain 'sploding action from the "Wesley Willis of rap" a matter of fact, it's the other way around...Wesley Willis was the "Kool Keith of Casiocore".


Kiddies... there's been more radio silence on this channel recently. Real life happens. As I may have said a week or two ago, you will probably be glad that I have not been on the Internet, everyday, typing and copy-and-paste'ing away to maintain our presence in the blogworld. AS soon as I can show you something, I will. You have been good to me, and I feel like returning the favor two-fold is only right.

Also, let's just say that the practically one-man-band planet that is PTP, will soon have some new inhabitants with whom to share the pain and glory. Expansion is necessary at this point.

Alright. Let's do something a bit different. Blogger allows for back dating posts so you can make up for a missed day (or 7)... but fuck's a mega post of new shit I've been feeling thoroughly (with little is too nice outside to be stuck at the computer thinking up ways of saying "I really like this good music".).

First. New CNN...both Nore and Capone on some aggressive, 90's type thought pattern steez...and Imam sounds just as grizzly as he did the first time you heard him. Shouts to my man Big ED for making me check this on a proper factory vehicle sound system (the best way to hear CNN).

CNN ft. Imam Thug & Musolini "Thug Planet"
Added Note: I love how Pone sounds like he's been writing raps after a night of OB4CL2...this IceH20 deal is a great look for them. Free Tragedy Khadafi!

Second. More Purple Tape II shit. This video is NSFW...but VSFU (Very Safe For Us). The fact that Rae is not even in the video is, in itself, pretty ill. What the viewer is left with is essentially the most amazing album promo ever.  If anyone should be seen cooking crack, it would be a barely clad...okay one should be seen cooking crack...crackissonotkosher.

Raekwon "Pyrex Vision"
Added Note: I'm going pretty far off topic with this one, but this video must rank high in the semi-tame fetish department...kind of like the antithesis to "girls on fixed gears"...but with all of the imaginative wealth in tact.  Let's be real here, with all of the "theme" porn flicks in the world, I'm surprised no one has tried to capitalize on this New Jack City type aesthetic. It has been way've got a decades of inner city drug czar films spanning from my favorite, King Of New York, to the Paid In Full's, Belly's, Kingpin's, well as the super success of the best T.V. series ever, The Wire...then all of this sensationalized urban drug culture chic know, that failed-whisper level agreement between most rappers, hipsters, models, and Big Bro? 

Haha...okay.  Well regardless, the shit would be like an Art film...the sound of moans, gags, and flesh slapping with the clouded visual of puffing surgical masks, various latex gear, and the occasional wagging titty and slinkydance ass through a white powder haze and volcano'ing glassjar fog.  If any of you directorial types wanna make this happen, hit me, I got the screenplay just five minutes ago (after having watched the above-posted video).

Third.  New Rae.  The Alchemist chose a breakbeat for him to go off on.  That's been my type of shit since the 90's (mostly due to the loopy, minimal Wu joints and basement type shit like Ghost's "Wise" or "Milk Crates").  More on that soon.

Raekwon "Wally's & Pringles"

Fourth.  I'ma let one of my first guest bloggers air out about another killer joint by these cats...but this is some real deal shit from the South.  Fuck the weak stuff.

Juicy J & Project Pat "Cali High"
Added Note: Enjoy the good weather outside...with a well-timed herbal enhancement.  Or not.  But stop reading this and get some fresh air.  Go to the zoo.  Look at the humans and animals.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



This IS brutal. Godfather Don, in my opinion, was one of the first on the East to really get on some schizo-bugged, horrific thought raps. A favorite oldie of his. The airing of the hook is made special by today's date.


BRUTAL B.I.G. Tuesday.

March 9th.

"4 My Peeps" featuring M.O.P., Notorious B.I.G., Prince Poetry (of Organized Konfusion). Produced by Buckwild

Frank Wizza...Rest In Power.