Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snitches Get Stitches

Vandal Squad. The anti-graff gang.

"Cat and Mouse" from This American Life (on NPR). Contains the bit about Revs.

Check the 3rd commercial...some of you will definitely recognize it.

Blah blah society...blah blah...on society.

"Mark Of The Squealer"
Sat down confessed it with a full report
Dashed it out but he couldn't take it
Had to drop dime, through a partner in crime
Got away without serving his time

Snitches get stiches
The thread on your cheek must itch
Snitches get stiches
You got yours you son of a bitch

The mark of the squealer
Too soft to be the dealer
And nothing can heal you
Mark of the squealer
The mark of the squeal

I'm out on a mission
To catch a stool pigeon

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