Thursday, February 11, 2010

NERVOUS THURSDAY: Live In Living Color

In the late 80's and early 90's, there were a handful of shows that constantly delivered the goods when it came to live performances of the Hip Hop variety (Soul Train and their overdubbed sound will be excluded from this one. Sorry Don!). Yo! MTV Raps, Video Music Box clips, The Arsenio Hall Show, and Showtime At The Apollo all held it down for us...but let's focus on the phenomenon that was the Wayans Brothers' In Living Color.

Ha...peep Jenny Lopez in her heyday. Not that she hasn't aged well, it's not about that, plus once you hit that first million it seems you automatically acquire the ability to stomp out Old Man Time like the tunnel hobo in A Clockwork's just that her existence was in much better taste during her time as a Fly Girl (during ILC's 3rd Season). Who'd think that shorty who was dancing to EPMD's "I'm Mad" and introducing the always-fresh Pete Rock & CL Smooth would one day be paying humans to be her 24-hour "servants" (we all would have been better off if she stayed at her Money Train and/or Anaconda phase).

Whoa...three of my early 90's crushes...Jennifer the Fly Girl, Rosie Perez (who was the dance choreography for the latter half of ILC's existence), and Mary J. (at her prime). On another note, it's too bad CL didn't pop up for his verse.

A.D.O.R. ...and gotta love the background dancers... enjoy the choreography during the hook...we all did.  Seriously, this one is gem-status...though the video quality a little nervous, especially once the credits roll...but where else are you going to see live footy of A.D.O.R.?!

Ha, Smooth B with the Philly out...PLUS Primo on the live cuts..."A special presentation of the Simpsons is next"...those were the days.

The ALWAYS super-hype Leaders Of The New School.  Wish this would have carried through to C. Brown's verse.  Kinda suspect how the cast isn't going absolutely apeshit during this.

Fucking incredible material right here. From the intro by Ice the all-out medley by Chuck and Flav...with various cast members going nuts during the last verse of "Fight The Power" ("Elvis was a hero to most but he never meant shit to me...")...too bad it cuts off right as Flav's starting "911 Is A Joke". Damn. Prime shit right there.

And as a bonus...anyone who has ever seen this show, any special on Jim Carey "coming up", or searched Youtube for "Vanilla Ice" has witnessed Jim Carey's ILC skit of "Ice Ice Baby"...if not, it ain't hard to find.  Pretty silly, but still decent comedy for the time.  Well...this next one is still a goody.

Serch asked "What do we think about Hammer?!?"

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