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Warning: this post is full of bitter, jaded, elitist native New Yorker spew...but I swear it is an important and entertaining read and I fuckin' like it.

If I had to explain the graphics for the new PTP layout (those which sit at the top of the page)... I chose this photo as an obvious reflection of the concept behind PTP, displaying the constant battle and ever-growing void between the ideals of "Old(e) New York" and those of "New New York" (more like "hollow preach" if you ask me)...progression, sincerity, revolt, and insanity versus mass consumerism/mass production, submission, unilateralism, and "white-washing" (take that how you want it, fucker). For the layman: on the left, you have one of the last truly legendary walls, on 23rd Street and 10th Avenue, while on the right, you have workers "blue washing" the Manhattan Mini-Storage logo off of the building to make things more "aesthetically pleasing" for users of the High Line walkway.

You should know who these two cats are...yes, the two names in large print on the aforementioned wall...especially if you've grown and actually lived in NYC. Having just moved here does NOT earn you the right to say you've LIVED in this shithole...and yes it IS a shithole, but no, not at all like it used to be. I'd say it is worse NOW, with subway cars that more resemble the bathrooms in your sterile and florescent 5th Avenue shared office than that of CBGB's, or the Wetlands. And there's more reason ahead. But first. The original point of this article.

How 4 letters can be absolutely fucking brutal.  It's about the approach and heart behind it.

Fuckin' Revs

Nice little tale of Revs from NPR's This American Life. Episode titled "Cat and Mouse".

Revs with his "PNC", COST (from On The Go 2: Repeat Offender...check the whole movie in yesterday's post)

Now to more reasons why shit has gone increasingly awry...

Yesterday's post at Vanishing New York was a sad one; revealing the migration of hard hats to the wall on the left (photo by Steven Benga). Yes. They have defaced our wall.  Under the orders of City authorities, whom did everything but consult with the actual people who make up the city, workers went on to remove the Revs and Cost tags.  Very well-written articles, full of colorful adjectives and true opinion (of course, opposing this madness) can be found here and at The Gothamist.  Props to Jeremiah Moss of VNY, Steven Benga, and Jake Dobkin and John Del Signore at The Gothamist for the absolutely necessary coverage on the destruction of a vital piece of NYC history.

Originally, I was going to title this post "Break Down The Walls"...but after having read the news at VNY, the inner feeling of angry backlash has grown from merely "something in the air" to a dense, mustard yellow fog.  They are doing the breaking.  It's time for some get-back.

"Show You No Mercy"
I tried to stop myself 
Told you those games ain't good for yourself 
Gave ya advice cuz I thought you could hear 
Better listen closely cuz your end is near 

Won't show you no mercy at all 
Gonna kick ya, kick ya when you're takin your fall 
Won't show you no mercy today 
Gonna hit ya, hit ya when you're movin on your way 

Put ya in check cuz I thought you were my friend 
Sorry it had to come to the bitter end 
Just like a blind man you can't see 
Better move along and just let me be 

Don't come to me 
For no sympathy 
You won't get none here 
Just leave you in fear 

Won't show you no mercy at all 

What does it take to prove you were a fake 
I thought so anyway, won't show you no mercy today Won't show you no mercy at all

The mayor and Parks authority can fuck off, along with the likes of luxury crusties and b&t kids.  I hope a biblical rain of poly-epoxy and 4AM rebellion hit the section between Gansevoort Street and 34th Street like gangbusters...and rows of doped out, late-70's Times Square hookers rise from the ground to "throw pussy" at any and ALL who choose to peruse the High Line.

As a final musical both Revs and Cost...two cats who spat on the velvet rope of conventionality.

"Break The Chain"
time for you to listen
i got something to say
get back! stay the fuck away!
keep your distance and i'll be free
plastic molds, human shapes
all distorted, figures of hate
all the static fucks my brain
must escape
break the chain!

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