Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I re-stumbled upon this rad-as-fuck blog, Blogged And Quartered, late last Friday night in search of a few old hardcore demos...boy oh boy, did I G off.

Not only does this cat, Vin, have a TREASURE TROVE of mostly NYHC rarities (definitely not limited to that, the recent Infest pack he put together is currently the apple of my ears...along with the following...read on), but he also seems to have earned the backing of many well-respected characters of the late-80's/early-90's era.  Freddy "Wardance" Alva, Daryl Kahan and Patrick Winters of CXA, Javier "Against" Villegas, Dave K, Rich Trash, and so on, have all contributed to this blog's character development through not only insightful commentary on his posts, but also by sending the lucky guy copies of unreleased material for him to share with the rest of the online community.  A lot of ABC No Rio love on there, including the following long-forgotten, never-released, compilation directly from Freddy Alva's vault.

Fuck Rock (this is a link to the Blogged And Quartered post, including an intro by Mr. Alva, with fully breathing download link)

This compilation was/is a monster.  It features most of the bands that put ABC No Rio on the map...and did I mention that these are all alternate recordings of songs.

Flash forward to now; I’ve had the master tape of the comp and tons of photos/flyers languishing in an old shoebox throughout the years & with the recent advent of putting up an old project of mine online (New Breed), I was motivated to revisit this comp and listening to these tracks, it made me realize how much they have stood the test of time, shit still rocks.

— Freddy Alva

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