Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snitches Get Stitches

Vandal Squad. The anti-graff gang.

"Cat and Mouse" from This American Life (on NPR). Contains the bit about Revs.

Check the 3rd commercial...some of you will definitely recognize it.

Blah blah society...blah blah...on society.

"Mark Of The Squealer"
Sat down confessed it with a full report
Dashed it out but he couldn't take it
Had to drop dime, through a partner in crime
Got away without serving his time

Snitches get stiches
The thread on your cheek must itch
Snitches get stiches
You got yours you son of a bitch

The mark of the squealer
Too soft to be the dealer
And nothing can heal you
Mark of the squealer
The mark of the squeal

I'm out on a mission
To catch a stool pigeon

Monday, February 22, 2010


Warning: this post is full of bitter, jaded, elitist native New Yorker spew...but I swear it is an important and entertaining read and I fuckin' like it.

If I had to explain the graphics for the new PTP layout (those which sit at the top of the page)... I chose this photo as an obvious reflection of the concept behind PTP, displaying the constant battle and ever-growing void between the ideals of "Old(e) New York" and those of "New New York" (more like "hollow preach" if you ask me)...progression, sincerity, revolt, and insanity versus mass consumerism/mass production, submission, unilateralism, and "white-washing" (take that how you want it, fucker). For the layman: on the left, you have one of the last truly legendary walls, on 23rd Street and 10th Avenue, while on the right, you have workers "blue washing" the Manhattan Mini-Storage logo off of the building to make things more "aesthetically pleasing" for users of the High Line walkway.

You should know who these two cats are...yes, the two names in large print on the aforementioned wall...especially if you've grown and actually lived in NYC. Having just moved here does NOT earn you the right to say you've LIVED in this shithole...and yes it IS a shithole, but no, not at all like it used to be. I'd say it is worse NOW, with subway cars that more resemble the bathrooms in your sterile and florescent 5th Avenue shared office than that of CBGB's, or the Wetlands. And there's more reason ahead. But first. The original point of this article.

How 4 letters can be absolutely fucking brutal.  It's about the approach and heart behind it.

Fuckin' Revs

Nice little tale of Revs from NPR's This American Life. Episode titled "Cat and Mouse".

Revs with his "PNC", COST (from On The Go 2: Repeat Offender...check the whole movie in yesterday's post)

Now to more reasons why shit has gone increasingly awry...

Yesterday's post at Vanishing New York was a sad one; revealing the migration of hard hats to the wall on the left (photo by Steven Benga). Yes. They have defaced our wall.  Under the orders of City authorities, whom did everything but consult with the actual people who make up the city, workers went on to remove the Revs and Cost tags.  Very well-written articles, full of colorful adjectives and true opinion (of course, opposing this madness) can be found here and at The Gothamist.  Props to Jeremiah Moss of VNY, Steven Benga, and Jake Dobkin and John Del Signore at The Gothamist for the absolutely necessary coverage on the destruction of a vital piece of NYC history.

Originally, I was going to title this post "Break Down The Walls"...but after having read the news at VNY, the inner feeling of angry backlash has grown from merely "something in the air" to a dense, mustard yellow fog.  They are doing the breaking.  It's time for some get-back.

"Show You No Mercy"
I tried to stop myself 
Told you those games ain't good for yourself 
Gave ya advice cuz I thought you could hear 
Better listen closely cuz your end is near 

Won't show you no mercy at all 
Gonna kick ya, kick ya when you're takin your fall 
Won't show you no mercy today 
Gonna hit ya, hit ya when you're movin on your way 

Put ya in check cuz I thought you were my friend 
Sorry it had to come to the bitter end 
Just like a blind man you can't see 
Better move along and just let me be 

Don't come to me 
For no sympathy 
You won't get none here 
Just leave you in fear 

Won't show you no mercy at all 

What does it take to prove you were a fake 
I thought so anyway, won't show you no mercy today Won't show you no mercy at all

The mayor and Parks authority can fuck off, along with the likes of luxury crusties and b&t kids.  I hope a biblical rain of poly-epoxy and 4AM rebellion hit the section between Gansevoort Street and 34th Street like gangbusters...and rows of doped out, late-70's Times Square hookers rise from the ground to "throw pussy" at any and ALL who choose to peruse the High Line.

As a final musical both Revs and Cost...two cats who spat on the velvet rope of conventionality.

"Break The Chain"
time for you to listen
i got something to say
get back! stay the fuck away!
keep your distance and i'll be free
plastic molds, human shapes
all distorted, figures of hate
all the static fucks my brain
must escape
break the chain!

Repeat Offender

More VHS love on hopefully saw the Trilogy stuff from last week, now enjoy this...

Found this classic On The Go video up on the 'Tube. Props to Cosmo Baker for posting this ill shit. Whether you're a graffiti head or not, this video was/is chock full of insane footy that runs the gamut of Hip Hop, including an off-the-top freestyle by a young ass Black Thought backed by a young Brother ?uestion (of The Roots, of course), a fun little interview with the Artifacts, and classic beat juggling routines by the X-Men's Joe Sinista and Rob Swift. Way more too...just watch and appreciate the grit.

Repeat Offender

Part 1 (of 6)

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


Friday, February 19, 2010

Sit Back, I'm Bout To Begin

Let's keep it short today. The weekend is looming. I have to run around like a maniac to finish up some projects.

L kills this. One of my favorite combos of verse and beat...I mean seriously...THAT beat?!?! PTP calls it a "nightrider whip anthem". I would be out at late-enough hours and hear this writhe and pound out of various rides. Shit sounded like ESG's "UFO" was savagely assaulted by Kubrick's The Shining. The simplicity of its arrangement just makes for a lumbering giant of a soundscape. Cake taker.

"The Enemy" (produced by DJ Premier)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

NERVOUS THURSDAY: "I could pull skins on a pedal bike"

In this episode, Lord Finesse comes through to Yo! MTV Raps to promote his Return Of The Funkyman album. He brings along his man "Nicky" as well as a young chap by the name of "Big L". Ed Lover almost immediately takes notice of the "Devil's son" element in L's almost-too-quiet demeanor. Finesse speaks about being down with Ice-T's crew, The Syndicate, and spits a freestyle. Enjoy this clip in all of its archival glory.

Around the same time, this cut was recorded...

Showbiz & AG feat. Big L, Deshawn, and Lord Finesse

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Dream

Big L Week continues here at PTP...

Everyone should know about C.O.C., Children Of The Corn. Big L, Killa Cam, Bloodshed (R.I.P.), Murda Mase, Herb McGruff, and Digga on the beats.

A fucking supernatural collection of talent and energy. I remember first hearing this on something like Future Flavas and running around school the next day to see if anyone had taped it. C.O.C. was the most dangerous crew to rep Manhattan/Uptown.

Check the original version...Cam's verse is different and stupid ill.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BRUTAL TUESDAY: 1-3-9 and Lenox

When folks say "Horrorcore" in reference to raps about the occult, gore, and all around evil shit...cats seem to stop on the East Coast steez with groups like Gravediggaz, Flatlinerz (unfortunately), and then have to resort to namedropping later stuff like early Cage and Necro (shit I'd even put Godfather Don AND Kool Keith as quality producers of the sub-genre). The funny thing to me is, most people don't remember, or never realized, that Big L was easily one of the first on the East Coast to really, really go there with the dark, fucked up, kill-your-mother-then-eat-her-children imagery. I still have an old issue of On The Go ( now, what issue of On The Go isn't ancient?) in which they quote L as saying he started the whole "horrorcore" thing on this side of the map with "Devil's Son". I believe it. I'll have to scan that before the week is up.

Here's a great example of L's of his classic, Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous..."Danger Zone".


"Every Sunday, a nun lay, from my gun spray
Fuck Carlito, we doin' shit the Devil's son way"

Monday, February 15, 2010


Rest In Power Lamont Coleman aka Big L.  Thank you for allowing me to exploit the power of "Auto Reverse" with the "Put It On" tape maxi single.  The night I brought that home from HMV (or was it Tower Records?) was hours spent memorizing and dissecting the music in my headphones.

Also, thank you for burning Helly Hansen, as an urban staple, into the minds of everyone who saw your video.  You helped further define that '94-'95 period of the "Golden Age" (aka "Helly Hansen Rap").

Lord Finesse featuring Big L "Yes You May Remix"

Shut 'Em Down

In the world of classic drum breaks...there's Brown's/Stubblefield's "Funky Drummer", Bliss' "Synthetic Substitution", Skull Snaps' "It's A New Day", and the one I've probably used the most over the last few years, Mountain's "Long Red" (I'll namecheck "Impeach The President" as well). Not only does it sound fucking dope in a simple loop operation, thanks to the swing'y style drum pattern, but the combo of the crowd noise, room acoustics, and overall crunchiness of the recording added to the key components of the break makes for nothing less than a large attack.

Pete Rock breaks down his remix to PE's "Shut 'Em Down", where he layered two of the four (well...five) aforementioned gems, and furthermore, gives his take on "Long Red" as a perfect break of the era (timeless, really).

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Absolutely fucking brutal...and apparently it's precisely what happened in 1929...but really, this is Brutal Tuesday type material.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Nothing like 90's skate videos. The characters behind the talent, the style, the music, the grittiness...the lines.

One of the best ever was Trilogy. Easily.


A classic 6 minutes of skate footy. Kid had one of the most effortless looking styles and had lines for days (check the last joint, was that 9 in one?). I can see why most of my boys idolized this cat.


Man...another hero to many. This cat was always a BEAST. Goin' for the gusto every time. Not only did he pop huge flip tricks, but he had nasty combos.


Ridiculous style. Made any trick look ill, even if he landed it type sketchy.

"Oh boy."

Fuck a "Snowpocalypse"

In The Duffle: Small Items

All necessity.

-Smartwool "Diamond Jim" "Ultra Comfy" Socks
-Styles P & DJ Green Lantern The Green Ghost Project (2010)
-Voivod Killing Techology (1987)
-Cormac McCarthy's Child Of God (1973)
-Philip K. Dick's Do Android Dream Of Electric Sheep? (1968)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

NERVOUS THURSDAY: "I grip the mic like a pitbull..."

This was my SHIT in '88!! Thank you Uncle Ralph for constantly airing this video. Easily my favorite single they ever put out.

The video is dope. They killed it badly in this. Anyone else notice how it's like a strange hybrid of MJ's "Beat It" and "Bad"? One of my favorite beats of the time...that rhythm piano and hard drum combo has a mean bounce to it, and better yet, the descending synth adds a touch of evil to the mix...perfect compliment to their gnarly "tough girl" raps.

NERVOUS THURSDAY: Live In Living Color

In the late 80's and early 90's, there were a handful of shows that constantly delivered the goods when it came to live performances of the Hip Hop variety (Soul Train and their overdubbed sound will be excluded from this one. Sorry Don!). Yo! MTV Raps, Video Music Box clips, The Arsenio Hall Show, and Showtime At The Apollo all held it down for us...but let's focus on the phenomenon that was the Wayans Brothers' In Living Color.

Ha...peep Jenny Lopez in her heyday. Not that she hasn't aged well, it's not about that, plus once you hit that first million it seems you automatically acquire the ability to stomp out Old Man Time like the tunnel hobo in A Clockwork's just that her existence was in much better taste during her time as a Fly Girl (during ILC's 3rd Season). Who'd think that shorty who was dancing to EPMD's "I'm Mad" and introducing the always-fresh Pete Rock & CL Smooth would one day be paying humans to be her 24-hour "servants" (we all would have been better off if she stayed at her Money Train and/or Anaconda phase).

Whoa...three of my early 90's crushes...Jennifer the Fly Girl, Rosie Perez (who was the dance choreography for the latter half of ILC's existence), and Mary J. (at her prime). On another note, it's too bad CL didn't pop up for his verse.

A.D.O.R. ...and gotta love the background dancers... enjoy the choreography during the hook...we all did.  Seriously, this one is gem-status...though the video quality a little nervous, especially once the credits roll...but where else are you going to see live footy of A.D.O.R.?!

Ha, Smooth B with the Philly out...PLUS Primo on the live cuts..."A special presentation of the Simpsons is next"...those were the days.

The ALWAYS super-hype Leaders Of The New School.  Wish this would have carried through to C. Brown's verse.  Kinda suspect how the cast isn't going absolutely apeshit during this.

Fucking incredible material right here. From the intro by Ice the all-out medley by Chuck and Flav...with various cast members going nuts during the last verse of "Fight The Power" ("Elvis was a hero to most but he never meant shit to me...")...too bad it cuts off right as Flav's starting "911 Is A Joke". Damn. Prime shit right there.

And as a bonus...anyone who has ever seen this show, any special on Jim Carey "coming up", or searched Youtube for "Vanilla Ice" has witnessed Jim Carey's ILC skit of "Ice Ice Baby"...if not, it ain't hard to find.  Pretty silly, but still decent comedy for the time.  Well...this next one is still a goody.

Serch asked "What do we think about Hammer?!?"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I re-stumbled upon this rad-as-fuck blog, Blogged And Quartered, late last Friday night in search of a few old hardcore demos...boy oh boy, did I G off.

Not only does this cat, Vin, have a TREASURE TROVE of mostly NYHC rarities (definitely not limited to that, the recent Infest pack he put together is currently the apple of my ears...along with the on), but he also seems to have earned the backing of many well-respected characters of the late-80's/early-90's era.  Freddy "Wardance" Alva, Daryl Kahan and Patrick Winters of CXA, Javier "Against" Villegas, Dave K, Rich Trash, and so on, have all contributed to this blog's character development through not only insightful commentary on his posts, but also by sending the lucky guy copies of unreleased material for him to share with the rest of the online community.  A lot of ABC No Rio love on there, including the following long-forgotten, never-released, compilation directly from Freddy Alva's vault.

Fuck Rock (this is a link to the Blogged And Quartered post, including an intro by Mr. Alva, with fully breathing download link)

This compilation was/is a monster.  It features most of the bands that put ABC No Rio on the map...and did I mention that these are all alternate recordings of songs.

Flash forward to now; I’ve had the master tape of the comp and tons of photos/flyers languishing in an old shoebox throughout the years & with the recent advent of putting up an old project of mine online (New Breed), I was motivated to revisit this comp and listening to these tracks, it made me realize how much they have stood the test of time, shit still rocks.

— Freddy Alva

Friday, February 5, 2010

Styles P At Number Zero

Styles P 'pella at Statik Selektah's release party. As my man ED said, SP remains as "one of the last East Coast rapper I can rely on for consistent product"...sad reality.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Will Ya?!

(as loosely transcribed from Geng's Facebook)

"What the FUCK is with this "We Are The World" shit? A good cause behind it...yes...but how could gathering a bunch of prima-donnas in a room to do a remake not be any more about "face time"? Why not just book a huge tour with all of these musical big earners on the same bill, perform all the hits people love, and stop with the pseudo-conscious sing-along bullshit? #ShouldHaveSavedTheStudioTimeForSomethingElse"

No photos...fuck you...fuck this...I'm going out to J&R Music World and coppin' that Green Ghost should too.

Ghosts, Lanterns, Alchemy

One more for you lucky SP! This shit BANGS!

"Make Millions From Entertainment" (Produced by Alchemist)

The Green Ghost

New Styles-P off of The Green Ghost Project with DJ Green Lantern. One of the only cats doing it today who PTP fully endorses. I'm tight that I missed Monday's show at the Highline...PTP fam member Jimmy D was there in full rep mode...said the shit was a good mixed crowd, positive vibes and rad music all around. Sean Price killed his set, Boogie Blind killed the between set musical entertainment, SP killed and brought out Kiss and Sheek, as well as Pharoahe Monch.

DOPE video.

"Legal Money" (Prod. by Vinny Idol)

Also, since this video was made in conjunction with Nah Right, click for some solid photographic coverage of Monday's event. Yeah it's another Hip Hop blog...PTP shows love, dula.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BRUTAL TUESDAY: Who Are You And Why Am I Here?!

VOID. The most explosive, abrasive, fuckin' aggro band not only of the legendary Dischord Records roster, but of the entire first wave of Hardcore Punk. Their style was akin to watching a bar brawl between "rage" and "chaos" whilst under the spell of a bad acid trip. Unhinged as fuck. I would go as far as to say that their frenzied energy served as the foundation to what would later be known as Powerviolence/Power Violence (that, plus the blast style of Boston's own Siege), a favorite Hardcore sub-genre here at PTP.

"My Rules" (off of the all-too-essential The Faith-Void about night and day)

What do I mean? See for yourself...a short clip of both The Faith (first) and Void (last) live:

In a room full of eager bodies, Void worked...just barely. That's how it worked at all. The art of exploring one's own self-destruction, but managing to return before being wholly swallowed by the turmoil.

Monday, February 1, 2010

All I Need: Carhartt Brown & Skull Snaps

Born out of Dearborn, Michigan by Hamilton Carhartt, his brand, Carhartt, has championed workwear for over 100 years.  They are known as masters of "Cotton Duck" canvas and owners of a certain shade of deep mustard'y brown.
By 1992, the utilitarian, "tough and active" aesthetic had become a staple within the colder inner city environments of the East Coast.  At a time when military gear and athletic warm-up apparel were viewed as the essential block roaming garb, Carhartt added a true sense of blue-collar form-and-function to the urban uniform.  The vests, jackets, dungarees, overalls, and hoodies all reflected the "hard as concrete", cold weather fighting, walking stashbox street imagery, plus the naturally roomy cut made for easy assimilation into the fashion of the time.

As Hip Hop was the soundtrack to any urban landscape during that last stretch of the 20th Century, it was how I first got acquainted with the brand.

To this day, Carhartt remains synonymous to the infamous opening drum break of Skull Snaps' "It's A New Day" (posted eons ago on this blog).  Although he was not the first to loop these drums, in my eyes, they will always belong to Erick Sermon as he constantly ushered them into multiple arranged marriages with an array of viscous Funk layers.  There's just something about the thick kick-hat-snare combination of this break that perfectly complements drowning basslines and the amorphous noise attack of George Clinton.  As with James Brown's "Funky Drummer" break, "It's A New Day" helped shape an era of Hip Hop, yet remains timeless.  No wonder its apt association with an American heritage brand whose clothing has stood the tests of recession, drought, and generations of hard labor in the most trying of weather conditions.

Who Gives A Fuck About A Goddamn Grammy PE put it in '88.

As seen on Facebook (with a small edit):

"Are you people serious with all this Grammy's shit? Will any of these people matter when their "5 minutes" is up? At least if you're going to care about shit that won't remain a constant in the public eye, make it something worth a minute of your listening time (aka do your homework on music that is proven to be TIMELESS, not this worthless marketing fodder set to a melody)."

Just sayin'.