Monday, January 18, 2010

Killa Sha R.I.P.

PTP would like to drop a Rest In Power shout out to Queensbridge vet Killa Sha (aka Sha Lumi, fka Prince A.D.), who passed away this weekend after a long bout with diabetes.

I remember first hearing him on Pete Rock and Marley Marl's Future Flavas radio show back around '96. Sha was in a group, by whom Marley would drop many a joint, called Killa Kidz. Every track heard was tough and immediately had me drawing comparison to Harlem's legendary Children Of The Corn crew (who also received a fair share of airplay on said radio show), except that the collective Sha belonged to was reppin' Queensbridge in every respect. The sound was unpolished, darkly hypnotic in production, and harnessed a tumultuous energy. Sha easily stuck out with a dominating presence and wordplay backed by his uniquely nasal and raspy vocal approach and, at times, off-kilter cadence.

Whether with his Killa Kidz fam, by the side of Tragedy Khadafi, as DJ for Mobb Deep, or solo, Sha will always be remembered as among that first tidal wave of mid-90's talent to solidify Queensbridge as a breeding ground for an exceptionally sincere brand of NYC street Hip Hop (starting in 1996...stating that Q.B. came equipped with a "distinct sound" was almost an understatement of felonious proportions). Although the Killa Kidz or Sha never gained the widespread exposure as had by a handful of their Q.B. peers, he remained a presence throughout this time, and kept bubbling after many had faded into obscurity by '03.  Most recently, he was rumored to have been working on a full-length album with the legendary Large Professor.

Here are some favorites from the past.

Killa Kidz "'96 Phenomenon" (Produced by Prince A.D. aka Killa Sha)

Killa Kidz "Lyrical Flava" (Produced by Chuck Chillout)

Killa Kidz "United" (one of my favorite joints...straight tape dub status)

Killa Kidz "Future Flavas Theme Freestyle"

Killa Sha "Do My Thang" (his solo heater from the 41st Side compilation)

R.I.P. Killa Sha...Crud love.

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