Monday, January 4, 2010

Here's to a better decade, 2010: Involuntary Stage Diving 101

Let's hope for a bullet in the head to some of the bullshit we've had to endure (mentally, audibly, visually, socially, emotionally, etc.)...not just in '09...but for the last handful of years, at least.

Generally speaking, I have nothing against a guy/gal making his/her money...but c'mon b...some of the shit I get passed over to me is just way too suspect (since when was it cool for a rapper of any sex to adopt and utilize the same Internet vernacular bi-product as a 13 year-old girl would in a "text" to her fellow mall venturing, equally xenophobic "BFF"..."OMG"..."LOL"...damn anyone who says that shit in a rhyme...I don't care how elitist and embittered this sounds...DAMN all of that)!

Anyone remember PM Dawn? Remember what happened to them for being on some cornball shit and disrespecting some noteworthy Hip Hop cats (namely KRS-One, Public Enemy, and Ice Cube) in an interview that was then slathered across the pages of a larger scale publication? Dres of Black Sheep revisits and explains...

Let's also hear what Public Enemy had to say in '92...Milli Vanilli caught some verbal beats as well...but take note on how Chuck and the gang then flip it by shouting out the names of their fellow rap compatriots to elevate it to a stance of unity (a strong focus of theirs throughout the years...about the only group/band I could stomach and actually believe when on that topic)...

Trust me, listen to the whole thing...the speech is followed by an incredible medley of joints at the laser-guided hands of Terminator-X. Even for just audio, the energy is bonkers in this...I lost it when "She Watch Channel Zero" dropped. Please someone find me an original recording of the show so that I can throw it on a mix and front like I was there with a video camera in hand.

To finish...can someone tough or, better yet (maybe), someone in an undeniable position of power, get off of the couch/yacht and start PM Dawning some of these happy-go-lucky trash acts out there?!

To be continued...

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