Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hands That Mold

This morning the lady and I were fortunate enough to catch Sundance's airing of a documentary called The Planet. From 2006, by Michael Stenberg, Linus TOrell, and Johan Soderberg. An environmental piece, it focuses on the current state of the Earth and gives a pretty "no bullshit" overview as to what can/will happen if things continue at today's rate.

Some jarring facts thrown your way, a solid collection of scientific theory and explanations by seemingly stable individuals (as opposed to the fanatical/conspiracy thirsty types found throughout the Youtube docu-director's circuit), and the aid of some really fantastic visuals.

One of my favorite segments of the doc. Glacial degradation. Easter Island. And so on.

I recommend watching this whole documentary twice.

The following clip comes much later and is host to another favorite section. The bit starting at 3:32 regarding how most people tend to process this type of information is something that has long been a topic of conversation with friends/loved ones. I could not help but get just a little more angry/depressed when reminded of modern society’s cherished sense of false resiliency as a response to anything deemed "alarming", that which depends on unrealistic optimism through diversion and denial to maintain the simple idea of "keeping on with your day".

Robert Jay Lifton @ 2:05, among other bits (well, the whole film), really made me want to blast Dystopia's fucking classic "Hands That Mold"; probably the best pro-environmental/anti-human anthem ever set to record. Prime Crustiness.

Hands that kill mold illusions of peace
Their fucked up pseudo-security
Destroy to give birth to technology
To quicken the killing of you and me and him and her
Blind. Us humans think we are so smart
Creating challenges
How...our sky bleeds in your hands
It's nothing.
Build and build and build some more
Industry fucks Nature like some kind of whore
Quest for invention, intelligence gone too far
Synthetic environment, we were doomed from the start.
(rest of the lyrics are in the info section of the Youtube video)


  1. wow...this has the force of 10,000 bats outta hell.

  2. the song that is.btw, this Planet documentary will hopefully strike a nerve with a lot of people. the few clips that you posted definitely have me thinking, and not anything good....

  3. Wordup. Unfortunately, the documentary isn't the type of thing that would get aired on the channels most people are watching. It would simply contradict Viacom's (or any other giant media umbrella) overall message to their audience. At this point, being "Green" is simply a hot new trend to boost one's capitol through advertising.