Thursday, January 7, 2010

For the Funk of It

Okay.  I'm way late on this.

Last Sunday, I stumbled upon DJ Funktual and the below listed video in a failed attempt to find this one 80's synth'y rock song I've heard used in a semi-recent Nick-At-Nite/TV Land ad, as well as being flipped on some Hip Hop joints, also semi-recently (the shit is on the tip of my tongue, pause...and no it isn't Journey or Eddie Money...nor is it The Cars' "Hello Again"...but very close to that).

Since then, I've been watching a couple of his videos per day (just started from the very beginning of his Youtube channel yesterday...).  In general, I'm not a fan of the standard "video blog" aesthetic, but this cat is one of the few who win in my book.  What really hits home for me is his rather extensive knowledge of music (not just that which falls under the category of "funk") coupled with the Hip Hop aspect of putting things into a "check this sample" perspective.

Most of his stuff is just like that...sans Joey Ramone wigpiece.  Think of it as a video version of, except far more entertaining due to the concept of instant fulfillment by audio (the whole "oh shit!" drop-mix element is alive and well in practically every video I've peeped)...not to mention the heap of character this cat constantly exhibits (not to take anything away from the aforementioned Internet sample database staple). True, he can be pretty loud with his antics...but it's simply part of his modus operandi.  He's not affraid to let loose whilst at the helm.  Take it as the charming appetizer that which precedes the toothsome main course medley of slow-cooked, tender groove goodness (you know, the stuff that falls right off of the bone of each record to leave an indelible mark on our collective aural palates).  He's like that one really, really cool teacher you had in high school/college, whose casual nature was presumed suspect and case enough for you to dismiss him/her until he/she delivered a boulder of a gem with deathly serious scholarly demeanor (which, in effect, wins over your respect and attention...then you get good grades because you care and the cool free-spirited teacher gets rewarded for having a positive influence on the kids...and everyone wins). Either way, kids, Funktual makes learning fun!

Yo...he pulled "Lucas With The Lid Off" out of the infinite abyss...and apparently, he's also cool with Jimmy Castor (see his Jimmy Castor tribute videos...very milky).

Not only should you support Funktual based off of general principle...that is, if you care at all about music with at least an ounce of soul to it...but also acknowledge the full scope of his situation as a real-life human adult (the Internet has its magical ways of leading one to easily overlook such details).  Yesterday, he posted the following video.  A proposal of sorts, though it goes a bit deeper and puts things into a new perspective, almost treading on cathartic soil. Reality check.

The man makes a good point, and I agree.  Although he chose to relinquish some personal information, no begging was done nor were any pathetic sob stories told.

Basically, you've gotta respect a person who's doing it strictly for, in this case, the love of the music and the culture.  Not only is Funktual spreading the type of knowledge that I find to be vital for the younger generations of listeners and aspiring artists who have mostly gone unchallenged and drained of any motivation to dig deeper (due to the Information Age's bold emphasis on split-second gratification...and so on)...practically for free...but it is key to note that this information is delivered without a dollop of art school pretentiousness or P.C. self-righteousness.

Furthermore, I give him props for introducing an entrepreneurial attitude to the program.  Any of you claiming "D.I.Y." or "anti-corporate" should certainly applaud the fact that he is attempting to capitalize off of something he is obviously passionate about.  Some may argue that his plan fails to observe the "realistic" ideals of maintaining a safe, long-term career (which is as full of bullshit as any other point about guaranteed lasting employment in today's ever-so-flourishing economy), but at least it can satisfy his household's immediate needs (for some time) and potentially serve as a springboard to other opportunities in a field that my man is genuinely interested in.

PTP fully supports and endorses DJ Funktual's decision to hit cats up for a little scratch.  It's dumb to get mad at him, for what, 5 beans?!  Get mad at the 18 year-old who's flippin' $2 packs of Peanut M&M's on the 6 at rush hour because he fucked up his re-up money (c'mon, son has on a fresh pair of $100+ whatever's on his feet and a new leather on his back...AND the "fitted to match"...).  Or get mad at yourself not only for paying $10+ to see a shitty movie, but you had to buy the pseudo-butter coated slowdeath in a paper bag and a carbonated, syrupy liquid accompaniment, instead of having the presence of mind to sneak in your own food and beverage (alcholic or not)...all for more than the cost of a year's worth of videos from this cat.  Shame.

Well, I tried.  Best of faring to you and yours.

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