Monday, January 11, 2010

"Check the calendar, I want any challenger to step up..."

Dear PTP readers... you lucky, fortunate people are now going to witness an attempt to maintain a steady weekly update frequency (not just on Mondays).  Not only will there be more gems dropped within each 128-hour time block, but since PTP prides itself in its eclectic tastes, a theme will be assigned to certain days...

Why divide the flow of material when it is all kept on the same hunk of land? Well, it's not that serious.  It's purely a thing of convenience, so as to give our followers something particular to look forward to at acertain time.

So if you feel like you need a dose of say, discovering the decorative potential of a .50 caliber attached to a chainsaw...or need a reason to be reminded why old school Thrash Metal is something every household needs a little bit of...tune in to "Brutal Tuesdays".  If you miss having your closet filled with a daily rotation of Helly Hansen, Columbia, Cahartt, Army fatigues, 'Lo, and Guess...if your rugged ass feet only knew A-Solo's, Vasques, and 40-Below Timberland boots...tune in to "Nervous Thursdays"...(yes, always paying homage to Uncle Ralph).  Get it?  Got it...good.

And so on...stay tuned and you'll get the flow.


  1. Is aggro your new favorite word? LOL

  2. it's my old favorite and your new favorite.