Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BRUTAL TUESDAY: Bloody Hell and Sacrifice

It is Brutal Tuesday, and what better way to set things off than to go in blasting the band who influenced the likes of Slayer and Metallica (and a sea of countless others)...The Misfits.  What better album than the unrelenting force known as Earth A.D.  This was the masterpiece that saw the band in their tightest, fastest form, much to do with Glenn Danzig's maturation as a songwriter and the recruitment of former Black Flag drummer Robo (easily the most talented one-man percussion machine they've ever had).

Earth A.D. stepped away from the melodic, Buddy Holly-meets-Punk-Rock-at-a-campy-horror-movie-set approach of their earlier material to greet listeners on new terms: sonic violence.  Blast beats, Black-Sabbath-on-speed riffs (that means "robust, evil...and fast"), Glenn Danzig tearing practically all remnants of his "singing voice" into a forceful yell, and the most overtly sadistic and discordant lyrical content of the band's existence (from the disjointed prose of the album's title track, the bloodthirsty narrative of "Death Comes Ripping", to the horrific self-examination of "Wolfsblood"...it's all pretty fucked up).

It doesn't matter what side of the punk/metal fence you fall on, the fact is, you know and love this album for its sheer viciousness.

Back then, Danzig was a fuckin' frontman, especially live...constantly losing his shit whether in the form of testing the limits of his vocal chords or by slamming himself about the stage...he appeared as the same unhinged character as heard on the songs.  Example?  The following live '83 performance of (the above-posted) "Earth A.D." in Detroit (I don't think the shitty sound quality even makes a difference).  Watch the room explode, the kids lose it, the band lose it, bodies fly...chaos.

Another favorite..."Wolfsblood"

You don't know who I'm talking to
Why? Because...
No one ever did
I feel it coming down my head

It's wolf's blood
It's pumping like it's fucking in my veins
And I feel my vertebrae shaking

And I feel my heart is dead
And I feel my muscles twitch
And I feel my stomach split
And I know I'm not a man
And I know inside my head

It's wolf's blood


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  1. Mr.Danzig was almighty until the k.o clip on youtube lol