Friday, January 29, 2010

81 Bars

To continue today's wave of new's a banger by the OG Freddy Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles. Very dope Alchemist beat.

And yes, he disses Guru AND Cormega on this joint.

"81 Bars"

UPDATED: video link fixed.


  1. I just read that back in like '92 or '93, Foxx was on a Flavor Unit Tour bus with a bunch of heads. Benzino happened to be on the same bus and he was bragging about how gangster he was. I guess Foxx had heard enough of his bragging as he proceeded to get up, pull out a burner and stick it in Benzino's mouth (pause). Hilarious......

  2. HAHA! That's some shit that needs to be on this site. The Foxx is a beast. Link to said article?

  3. It's more of I guess hip hop folklore. I read it on some message board but it doesn't sound far fetched. Just downloaded industry shakedown too....