Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hands That Mold

This morning the lady and I were fortunate enough to catch Sundance's airing of a documentary called The Planet. From 2006, by Michael Stenberg, Linus TOrell, and Johan Soderberg. An environmental piece, it focuses on the current state of the Earth and gives a pretty "no bullshit" overview as to what can/will happen if things continue at today's rate.

Some jarring facts thrown your way, a solid collection of scientific theory and explanations by seemingly stable individuals (as opposed to the fanatical/conspiracy thirsty types found throughout the Youtube docu-director's circuit), and the aid of some really fantastic visuals.

One of my favorite segments of the doc. Glacial degradation. Easter Island. And so on.

I recommend watching this whole documentary twice.

The following clip comes much later and is host to another favorite section. The bit starting at 3:32 regarding how most people tend to process this type of information is something that has long been a topic of conversation with friends/loved ones. I could not help but get just a little more angry/depressed when reminded of modern society’s cherished sense of false resiliency as a response to anything deemed "alarming", that which depends on unrealistic optimism through diversion and denial to maintain the simple idea of "keeping on with your day".

Robert Jay Lifton @ 2:05, among other bits (well, the whole film), really made me want to blast Dystopia's fucking classic "Hands That Mold"; probably the best pro-environmental/anti-human anthem ever set to record. Prime Crustiness.

Hands that kill mold illusions of peace
Their fucked up pseudo-security
Destroy to give birth to technology
To quicken the killing of you and me and him and her
Blind. Us humans think we are so smart
Creating challenges
How...our sky bleeds in your hands
It's nothing.
Build and build and build some more
Industry fucks Nature like some kind of whore
Quest for invention, intelligence gone too far
Synthetic environment, we were doomed from the start.
(rest of the lyrics are in the info section of the Youtube video)

Friday, January 29, 2010

81 Bars

To continue today's wave of new's a banger by the OG Freddy Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles. Very dope Alchemist beat.

And yes, he disses Guru AND Cormega on this joint.

"81 Bars"

UPDATED: video link fixed.

"Re-unite like the Wu..."

"Our Dreams" More Wu Massacre!!!!!


First joint off the new Wu project (I know...a little late...but I've not heard enough about this on the Internet)..."Wu Massacre" the power trio of Raekwon, Ghostface, and Method Man.

"Meth Vs. Chef Part II"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

NERVOUS THURSDAY: Business Never Personal

Throw on those Champion hoodies and some Carhartt... classic Hit Squad footy ahead.  '92 style.

A bit about the Redman album that was mentioned in the above clip.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is refreshing (and late).  Not only are these ads for the new Wu project...but they are very well-done.


Hey, remember when album promos existed?

A re-post from the earlier days of PTP...but this shit is just too ill.


Out of the entire Eric B. & Rakim catalog, I think 1992's Don't Sweat The Technique falls out on top for me.  The reasoning behind this decision lies mostly in the fully voiced aggression achieved in both Rakim's delivery and lyrical content, as well as the frequently raucous, multi-layered production heard throughout this classic.  In the past, there were certainly shades of this kind of force on songs like "Lyrics Of Fury", "Follow The Leader", and "Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em", plus who could deny the strength of Rakim's vocal tone after hearing the opening bars of "My Melody" or "Eric B. Is President", but DSTT, though not without its laid back moments of scholarly and even sexual narratives (versatility kids, a key element to a satisfying full-length listen), boasted a majority of hard lined joints like "Casualties of War", "Pass the Hand Grenade", "Teach The Children", and "Know The Ledge"; those that really capitalized on elevating things to a new level through sobering reality checks as well as fantastically bold and violent imagery.

Perhaps one of the finest examples of the latter is "The Punisher", a descriptive rap that which channels the graphic comparison of Rakim's wordplay and commanding presence to warehouse-by-the-river torture. Plus it was probably titled after the alias of the Marvel Comics character, Frank Castle.


Monday, January 25, 2010

All Samples Cleared...almost.

For those who missed it for one reason or another.

3 of 6 Parts. Go do like us and ain't that hard to find if you are smart about it.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Goodnight, Conan.

Wow. It is crazy to say that I have just witnessed the final episode of Conan O'Brien's late night existence-slash-dominance on NBC. As a loyal fan of Late Night With Conan O'Brien for way over a decade, I knew that come 30 minutes past midnight, instant refuge from the presented stress of the day awaited me, five times a week. Conan and crew constantly provided the ideal "escape" before a night's retirement with their steady stream of ingenious wit and borderline lunacy.

Thank you, Mr. O'Brien.  Your late night antics will forever remain a force unparalleled.

"To be continued..." (in 7 months) ???????

Friday, January 22, 2010

This Is A Sampling Sport...

This hour-long documentary, Copyright Criminals, aired on PBS this passed Monday night. If you're a dedicated PTP follower (you should "Follow" while yer at it), you may have noticed the fact that this premiered right on time, following my Clyde Stubblefield/Marley Marl post. 

Quite an interesting cast of characters on the very "grey area" topic of sampling.  I did not get a chance to peep the whole feature yet...but from the bits I've seen, there's a great balance of both gem and junk coming from both sides of the fence.

Thumbs way up on Shock G's analogy of "painting:photography::playing an instrument:sampling", as well as a matured Chuck D looking back on being hit with a case over samples used on past Public Enemy records. On the flipside, I thoroughly smacked my forehead at Eyedea's breakdown on how the turntable is more rhythmically complex than instruments such as a guitar or "horn" (uhhh, will ya?!)...and as much as it hurts to say, as I completely admire dude as a musician and producer, Steve Albini at times had a few too many buckets of smug-toned spew to offer. Of course editing is involved and he could have been only referring to instances like Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, or the trend that hit big during Bad Boy Records' reign in '97 (think Diana Ross, The Police, Kool & The Gang, and Grandmaster name a few).  I'll wait until I see the whole thing before posting further on that.

Click the link to check local listings for the next airing. NYC, if you have Time Warner Cable as your provider, it will be on again this Sunday, January 24, at 12:00PM (Noon) on Channel 13.

CORRECTION: The Sunday, January 24, noontime airing will be on Channel 164 for most of NYC.

R.I.P. Apache

Apache, of the Flavor Unit, passed away today due to an "unknown" illness. This plus the news of Killa Sha's passing on Monday makes it a pretty sad week in the world of Hip Hop.

Most people only know Apache from his hit single "Gangsta Bitch". After his full-length, he went on to do a bunch of cameos...this being my favorite (fuck it, it's my favorite song he ever contributed to):

Fat Joe featuring Apache & Kool G Rap (need I say more?)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

NERVOUS THURSDAY: Shootin' Strong Notes

PTP peoples. Pardon my absence. I've been creating new material to post...but a very shoddy Internet connection (thank you Time Warner Cable) has slowed things up a good bit around here.  I promise to get the handful of this week's updates on their correct days (i.e. "Brutal Tuesday") by tomorrow, if not earlier (I definitely have some shit on deck).

I now bring to you a special treat. Listen carefully...very carefully (esp. around the 0:37 mark). I told you Thursday was going to epitomize all things Golden Age.  I think this goes a long way with that sentiment.

Courtesy of my homeslice Coco Lopez.

BRUTAL TUESDAY: By The Time I Get To Arizona

What is the one most noteworthy thing the U.S. cities of Chandler, Arizona and Camden, New Jersey share?  The answer to that lies within one name: Unruh.

On September 6, 1949, war veteran Howard Unruh made the decision to roam his neighborhood of Camden, with German Luger pistol in hand, and engage in what would be known as the "Walk of Death", the first single-episode of mass murder in U.S. history.  In what only lasted 12 minutes, Unruh had ruthlessly acquired a bodycount of 13 with 14 shots fired, not excluding women and children.  He eventually surrendered, but not after wounding several more in a frontdoor standoff with 60-police officers.

Unruh was eventually seen as insane, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and sentenced to New Jersey Hospital for the Insane (now known as Trenton Psychiatric Hospital). In an interview with a psychologist, he left the public with a final quote, "I'd have killed a thousand if I had bullets enough."

He then became known as "Father of Mass Murder".

Now that the scene has been set...(jeez)

Cut to 1995. By this time, "extreme music" had developed into a monstrous, winding tree with proud, interwoven branches, fostering the growth of numerous mutant subgenres. This hybridization, starting in the mid to late 80's with the styles of Crossover and Crust, truly blurred the dividing line between Hardcore and Metal. Bands like Neurosis and Rorschach stood as exceptional proof and became the blueprint to many of their successors; Chandler, Arizona's Unruh made for an extraordinary progeny, further pushing this cross-pollination into something of gold.

What makes up Unruh's sonic assault? Imagine a pot.  Smear the entire inside of said pot with a molasses-thick coating of Hardcore-minded energy; this will soon cook into a hardened shell, tightly encasing the filling ingredients.  Throw in a generous spoonful of Thrash. Combine equal parts blasts and technical riffage (Grindcore and Death Metal brand recommended), whisk in a metal bowl, and add once well blended. Seal with one part Remain Sedate-era Charles Maggio, two parts Exorcist-era possessed Linda Blair.
Finally, take the sealed pot into Death Valley in the dead of summer, douse with jet fuel and ignite to cook. Commence ritualistic dance of choice. Once complete, extinguish the blaze by hosing down with a concoction of unrelenting angst, torment, and fury.

Voila!  Your almighty "metallic hardcore" band of previous mention is ready for consumption.

Seemingly enigmatic, not only did these cats leave practically no stone unturned across the landscape of audio brutality, and then some, but the words, as harshly ejected by Mike Edwards, fell into the form of sincere prose; brandishing an elegant balance between unguarded, self-examination and social commentary of the most livid kind.  No useless banter about “scene” politics or being tough, nor any tired discourse about saving the whales or suicide …just the bludgeoning violence of the music coupled with refined lyricism, thus making them even more impossible to box in for classification.

Click the image (left) to see the lyrics insert from their first album, Misery Strengthened Faith.  Click the link to d/l it as ripped from vinyl (not me).  It has been re-released on CD by King Of The Monsters with many bonus tracks scour the Internet and BUY it (I'm pretty sure Interpunk has it).

BRUTAL. A band who efficiently discharges the energy of their recordings directly into live form.  Super rare to see any footage of mucho propers to homey who uploaded this to the 'tube.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Killa Sha R.I.P.

PTP would like to drop a Rest In Power shout out to Queensbridge vet Killa Sha (aka Sha Lumi, fka Prince A.D.), who passed away this weekend after a long bout with diabetes.

I remember first hearing him on Pete Rock and Marley Marl's Future Flavas radio show back around '96. Sha was in a group, by whom Marley would drop many a joint, called Killa Kidz. Every track heard was tough and immediately had me drawing comparison to Harlem's legendary Children Of The Corn crew (who also received a fair share of airplay on said radio show), except that the collective Sha belonged to was reppin' Queensbridge in every respect. The sound was unpolished, darkly hypnotic in production, and harnessed a tumultuous energy. Sha easily stuck out with a dominating presence and wordplay backed by his uniquely nasal and raspy vocal approach and, at times, off-kilter cadence.

Whether with his Killa Kidz fam, by the side of Tragedy Khadafi, as DJ for Mobb Deep, or solo, Sha will always be remembered as among that first tidal wave of mid-90's talent to solidify Queensbridge as a breeding ground for an exceptionally sincere brand of NYC street Hip Hop (starting in 1996...stating that Q.B. came equipped with a "distinct sound" was almost an understatement of felonious proportions). Although the Killa Kidz or Sha never gained the widespread exposure as had by a handful of their Q.B. peers, he remained a presence throughout this time, and kept bubbling after many had faded into obscurity by '03.  Most recently, he was rumored to have been working on a full-length album with the legendary Large Professor.

Here are some favorites from the past.

Killa Kidz "'96 Phenomenon" (Produced by Prince A.D. aka Killa Sha)

Killa Kidz "Lyrical Flava" (Produced by Chuck Chillout)

Killa Kidz "United" (one of my favorite joints...straight tape dub status)

Killa Kidz "Future Flavas Theme Freestyle"

Killa Sha "Do My Thang" (his solo heater from the 41st Side compilation)

R.I.P. Killa Sha...Crud love.

MLK Jr. DAY: Raising Arizona

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Hope all is well with you and yours.

I know I posted it a while back in the Gunday Monday post...but this holiday, along with the absurdity that is still being perpetuated through the framework of this body called America, beckons a repeat showing.

On the quick, overtly political, not-so-positive vibe, I'd like to give a special FUCK YOU shout out to Senator John McCain and former Arizona Governors Evan Mecham and Fife Symington III for their long-time opposition to the observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a holiday.  It took Arizona (and New Hampshire) about 9 years to get it through their thick skulls.  No applause needed...

Now watch.

Public Enemy "By The Time I Get To Arizona"

Kids, I'm sad to say that most of your beloved gun-wielding Hip Hop DVD heroes wouldn't dare make a video this tough and confrontational. For some, it would be for fear of industry/media backlash...for most, it would be more about a general lack of intelligence to conjure up anything that isn't downright insulting to human senses.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Give The Drummer Some

The man who made history by revolutionizing the art of "sampling" interviewing the man who played the most sampled drum beat in history.

It's truly fresh to hear Clyde Stubblefield break down a bit of the creative process associated with playing under James Brown. Marley gets on some tech shit with his questions, thus summoning a synopsis on the "ghost note" and Stubblefield's drumming technique.

More questions for Stubblefield about his iconic style of groove building. Marley chimes in too (all of my producer and beat heads...if you don't appreciate this, hand over your equipment and record collection to me...straight up).

Coincidentally, in the clip above, there's also mention of how James Brown (and band) was asked to alleviate the tension in Boston through performance, at the time of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s' assassination. The timing of this clip's discovery could not be any more on point as this is MLK weekend.

Oh yeah...and imagine the Funky Drummer performing whilst under the influence of LSD...also happened to be Stubblefield's first live drum solo...bonkers.

Dope stories. There are 4 clips on Youtube of Q&A with Stubblefield (and 1 Q&A with Marley).

Plus the conclusion with Marley and Stubblefield, in which Marley drops heavy historic gems on producing the first joints for Eric B. & Freddie Foxxx...uh...I mean, Rakim.

BONUS: Just what is sampling and how did Marley Marl become known as a pioneer of this production technique as something practically everyone would go on to utilize after him (no matter the genre)? Check this trailer for Beat Kings, a documentary on beat-making/production in Hip Hop (he's right after Prince Paul in the clip).

Enjoy and enjoy again.

NERVOUS THURSDAY: "Fakin' moves on the mind of a fool"

One of my favorite albums of '93.  Surprising how many heads got caught sleepin' on the refreshingly genuine Contemporary Jeep Music.  Do yourself a favor and find this album.  Listen to it and then listen to it again.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BRUTAL TUESDAY: Bloody Hell and Sacrifice

It is Brutal Tuesday, and what better way to set things off than to go in blasting the band who influenced the likes of Slayer and Metallica (and a sea of countless others)...The Misfits.  What better album than the unrelenting force known as Earth A.D.  This was the masterpiece that saw the band in their tightest, fastest form, much to do with Glenn Danzig's maturation as a songwriter and the recruitment of former Black Flag drummer Robo (easily the most talented one-man percussion machine they've ever had).

Earth A.D. stepped away from the melodic, Buddy Holly-meets-Punk-Rock-at-a-campy-horror-movie-set approach of their earlier material to greet listeners on new terms: sonic violence.  Blast beats, Black-Sabbath-on-speed riffs (that means "robust, evil...and fast"), Glenn Danzig tearing practically all remnants of his "singing voice" into a forceful yell, and the most overtly sadistic and discordant lyrical content of the band's existence (from the disjointed prose of the album's title track, the bloodthirsty narrative of "Death Comes Ripping", to the horrific self-examination of "Wolfsblood"'s all pretty fucked up).

It doesn't matter what side of the punk/metal fence you fall on, the fact is, you know and love this album for its sheer viciousness.

Back then, Danzig was a fuckin' frontman, especially live...constantly losing his shit whether in the form of testing the limits of his vocal chords or by slamming himself about the stage...he appeared as the same unhinged character as heard on the songs.  Example?  The following live '83 performance of (the above-posted) "Earth A.D." in Detroit (I don't think the shitty sound quality even makes a difference).  Watch the room explode, the kids lose it, the band lose it, bodies fly...chaos.

Another favorite..."Wolfsblood"

You don't know who I'm talking to
Why? Because...
No one ever did
I feel it coming down my head

It's wolf's blood
It's pumping like it's fucking in my veins
And I feel my vertebrae shaking

And I feel my heart is dead
And I feel my muscles twitch
And I feel my stomach split
And I know I'm not a man
And I know inside my head

It's wolf's blood


Monday, January 11, 2010

"Check the calendar, I want any challenger to step up..."

Dear PTP readers... you lucky, fortunate people are now going to witness an attempt to maintain a steady weekly update frequency (not just on Mondays).  Not only will there be more gems dropped within each 128-hour time block, but since PTP prides itself in its eclectic tastes, a theme will be assigned to certain days...

Why divide the flow of material when it is all kept on the same hunk of land? Well, it's not that serious.  It's purely a thing of convenience, so as to give our followers something particular to look forward to at acertain time.

So if you feel like you need a dose of say, discovering the decorative potential of a .50 caliber attached to a chainsaw...or need a reason to be reminded why old school Thrash Metal is something every household needs a little bit of...tune in to "Brutal Tuesdays".  If you miss having your closet filled with a daily rotation of Helly Hansen, Columbia, Cahartt, Army fatigues, 'Lo, and Guess...if your rugged ass feet only knew A-Solo's, Vasques, and 40-Below Timberland boots...tune in to "Nervous Thursdays"...(yes, always paying homage to Uncle Ralph).  Get it?  Got it...good.

And so on...stay tuned and you'll get the flow.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

For the Funk of It

Okay.  I'm way late on this.

Last Sunday, I stumbled upon DJ Funktual and the below listed video in a failed attempt to find this one 80's synth'y rock song I've heard used in a semi-recent Nick-At-Nite/TV Land ad, as well as being flipped on some Hip Hop joints, also semi-recently (the shit is on the tip of my tongue, pause...and no it isn't Journey or Eddie Money...nor is it The Cars' "Hello Again"...but very close to that).

Since then, I've been watching a couple of his videos per day (just started from the very beginning of his Youtube channel yesterday...).  In general, I'm not a fan of the standard "video blog" aesthetic, but this cat is one of the few who win in my book.  What really hits home for me is his rather extensive knowledge of music (not just that which falls under the category of "funk") coupled with the Hip Hop aspect of putting things into a "check this sample" perspective.

Most of his stuff is just like that...sans Joey Ramone wigpiece.  Think of it as a video version of, except far more entertaining due to the concept of instant fulfillment by audio (the whole "oh shit!" drop-mix element is alive and well in practically every video I've peeped)...not to mention the heap of character this cat constantly exhibits (not to take anything away from the aforementioned Internet sample database staple). True, he can be pretty loud with his antics...but it's simply part of his modus operandi.  He's not affraid to let loose whilst at the helm.  Take it as the charming appetizer that which precedes the toothsome main course medley of slow-cooked, tender groove goodness (you know, the stuff that falls right off of the bone of each record to leave an indelible mark on our collective aural palates).  He's like that one really, really cool teacher you had in high school/college, whose casual nature was presumed suspect and case enough for you to dismiss him/her until he/she delivered a boulder of a gem with deathly serious scholarly demeanor (which, in effect, wins over your respect and attention...then you get good grades because you care and the cool free-spirited teacher gets rewarded for having a positive influence on the kids...and everyone wins). Either way, kids, Funktual makes learning fun!

Yo...he pulled "Lucas With The Lid Off" out of the infinite abyss...and apparently, he's also cool with Jimmy Castor (see his Jimmy Castor tribute videos...very milky).

Not only should you support Funktual based off of general principle...that is, if you care at all about music with at least an ounce of soul to it...but also acknowledge the full scope of his situation as a real-life human adult (the Internet has its magical ways of leading one to easily overlook such details).  Yesterday, he posted the following video.  A proposal of sorts, though it goes a bit deeper and puts things into a new perspective, almost treading on cathartic soil. Reality check.

The man makes a good point, and I agree.  Although he chose to relinquish some personal information, no begging was done nor were any pathetic sob stories told.

Basically, you've gotta respect a person who's doing it strictly for, in this case, the love of the music and the culture.  Not only is Funktual spreading the type of knowledge that I find to be vital for the younger generations of listeners and aspiring artists who have mostly gone unchallenged and drained of any motivation to dig deeper (due to the Information Age's bold emphasis on split-second gratification...and so on)...practically for free...but it is key to note that this information is delivered without a dollop of art school pretentiousness or P.C. self-righteousness.

Furthermore, I give him props for introducing an entrepreneurial attitude to the program.  Any of you claiming "D.I.Y." or "anti-corporate" should certainly applaud the fact that he is attempting to capitalize off of something he is obviously passionate about.  Some may argue that his plan fails to observe the "realistic" ideals of maintaining a safe, long-term career (which is as full of bullshit as any other point about guaranteed lasting employment in today's ever-so-flourishing economy), but at least it can satisfy his household's immediate needs (for some time) and potentially serve as a springboard to other opportunities in a field that my man is genuinely interested in.

PTP fully supports and endorses DJ Funktual's decision to hit cats up for a little scratch.  It's dumb to get mad at him, for what, 5 beans?!  Get mad at the 18 year-old who's flippin' $2 packs of Peanut M&M's on the 6 at rush hour because he fucked up his re-up money (c'mon, son has on a fresh pair of $100+ whatever's on his feet and a new leather on his back...AND the "fitted to match"...).  Or get mad at yourself not only for paying $10+ to see a shitty movie, but you had to buy the pseudo-butter coated slowdeath in a paper bag and a carbonated, syrupy liquid accompaniment, instead of having the presence of mind to sneak in your own food and beverage (alcholic or not)...all for more than the cost of a year's worth of videos from this cat.  Shame.

Well, I tried.  Best of faring to you and yours.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Here's to a better decade, 2010: Involuntary Stage Diving 101

Let's hope for a bullet in the head to some of the bullshit we've had to endure (mentally, audibly, visually, socially, emotionally, etc.)...not just in '09...but for the last handful of years, at least.

Generally speaking, I have nothing against a guy/gal making his/her money...but c'mon b...some of the shit I get passed over to me is just way too suspect (since when was it cool for a rapper of any sex to adopt and utilize the same Internet vernacular bi-product as a 13 year-old girl would in a "text" to her fellow mall venturing, equally xenophobic "BFF"..."OMG"..."LOL"...damn anyone who says that shit in a rhyme...I don't care how elitist and embittered this sounds...DAMN all of that)!

Anyone remember PM Dawn? Remember what happened to them for being on some cornball shit and disrespecting some noteworthy Hip Hop cats (namely KRS-One, Public Enemy, and Ice Cube) in an interview that was then slathered across the pages of a larger scale publication? Dres of Black Sheep revisits and explains...

Let's also hear what Public Enemy had to say in '92...Milli Vanilli caught some verbal beats as well...but take note on how Chuck and the gang then flip it by shouting out the names of their fellow rap compatriots to elevate it to a stance of unity (a strong focus of theirs throughout the years...about the only group/band I could stomach and actually believe when on that topic)...

Trust me, listen to the whole thing...the speech is followed by an incredible medley of joints at the laser-guided hands of Terminator-X. Even for just audio, the energy is bonkers in this...I lost it when "She Watch Channel Zero" dropped. Please someone find me an original recording of the show so that I can throw it on a mix and front like I was there with a video camera in hand.

To finish...can someone tough or, better yet (maybe), someone in an undeniable position of power, get off of the couch/yacht and start PM Dawning some of these happy-go-lucky trash acts out there?!

To be continued...

The New Rock & Roll

Bill Adler and Chuck D droppin' gems (from 1:30 and beyond).

"It seems to me that anyone with a sense of history would jump over 10 Bon Jovi's to get next to LL Cool J..." - B.A.


Word to bird.

(Photo by Glen E. Friedman)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year.

Little to nothing out there will ever rival the bold, unadulterated intensity of the stalwart megaforce that was Public Enemy.