Saturday, October 31, 2009

Slime Under The Building...

More Halloween'y goodness...this time of the New Jack Swing variety.  This is still my shit!  Easily one of the favorites of that sub-genre/era.

Say what you will about the Bobby who's a reality T.V. starring, slanted coke jaw brandishing, "Humpin' Around", and alleged Whitney face-rocker type of guy...I'll probably agree. But to me, there's no denying the freshness that is this song and video.  Whenever someone mentions Bobby Brown, all I think of is this video during the days of tuning into Video Music Box after school, ALWAYS in anticipation for the moment when Uncle Ralph would load this joint up.  Bobby at his MUCHO (late-)80's cameo action.  Can we name 'em all?  I'm actually more so interested in the musical cats...I see two of the Ramones, Doug E. Fresh...and is that Kane in like two split second shots during the 2nd rap part?

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