Monday, November 30, 2009

Kick A Dope Verse And Then Be Ghost...

CLASSIC footage. Circa 1992 from Toronto's Much Music. The Undisputed Masters of Charisma and the mighty Organized Konfusion...both in their post-debut album us a glimpse into their respective futures. The UMC's were molting from their futuristic Native Tongues'esque exoskeletons to take on a more standard form of hoodies-and-40-belows type of rapid syllable-flipping hardcore rap, '93-'94 East Coast steez.

On the OK side of things, we get a fragment of what Monch was about to unleash as he spits a tidbit of his mind-fuckingly ill verse from '94's "The Extinction Agenda"...which makes it even more mind-fuckingly ill that it was perhaps conceived in '92. Prince Po ends things on a happy note with a quick off-the-tippy freestyle (a real freestyle)...but really this clip is about the technicality, originality, naturality, versatility, blah blah blah exhibited by Monch upon execution.  Check Hass G's expression during said highlight.

Although I feel like the verses all ended type abruptly, this still remains an archival gem.  Courtesy of of the freshest blogs up.

What more can I say? Well, these are two of my favorite Hip Hop duos of all-time...not to mention two of the most "ahead-of-their-time" duos in Hip Hop (those who followed after the likes of Public Enemy and Ultramagnetic MC's).  Buy these two LP's and you will not regret your existence:

(you probably know at least 2 people, under the age of 25, who choose to dress like this today...except with tight, colored Levi's replacing the saggy jeans, and a much louder variation of the Air Max 90's...same hair and hoodies though)

1991. Amazing. Yep.

And just to further prove the claims of OK's ahead-of-their-time'ness, here's the aforementioned song which features Monch's verse in it's entirety:

"The Extinction Agenda" (off of their 1994 sophomore classic, Stress: The Extinction Agenda)

Yep, I'm done

Lincoln wasn't Cuban.

The Mudfoot in full-effect mode.

After last weekend's GOODS party, I was on a heavy Cymande binge.


"I get papes, while you're broke like Mass Transit..."

Finesse was stupid nice...the proof is in the above-posted joint. Not to mention he was also nice with the production.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Zena Metal...this is why she's my homey...

One good good read..."Heavy Name, Wussy Band"

At this very moment, there are surely dozens of unattractive baby bands jamming in their basements, desperately seeking ways to add the suffix "-ition" to a thesaurus full of surgical terms; this plea is for them. - Zena Metal

This article hits home...especially since I'm that kid who's got a grocery list of ill band names, most of which will probably never have the chance to bask in rays of exploitation.  Hey, what can I do...the list will surely continue to grow and I continue to grow out of the pipe-dream.  No sleep lost, really, since I understand that brutal names will always be around...just hopefully tied in with a band harvesting a sound worthy of such a lofty branding.  In all honestly, my shit has been about aggro bands bearing names that you could bottle up and eagerly feed to your much adored 6-month old (as opposed to the long-forgotten, failed abortion you have had chained down and chute-fed in the basement for the last few years...woah...O.D'd a little, huh?).  The gnar continues...

Read Zena's stuff, then you will be "of the gnar"...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fuck rap, I'm tryna make cream and that's that...

A lot of slow-brewed bitterness on this one...


I don't care what cats say...this Beans address/diss to Jay is HARD. I also can't front, I'm (only) a little curious to see if Jay will actually entertain this and let it wake him the fuck up to spit a worthwhile bar. Rap is like sports...sometimes wrestling... but fuck it, it's Sigel.

 Dope use of a Public Enemy sample at the end...