Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Time

When you finally see the creature/monster...well...just don't expect some Jack O'Lantern-faced Real Ghostbusters steez.  Still, the movie is as funny as the name is.

Also, props to the underground Hip Hop MC for being clever enough to choose that as his stagename back in the 90's.  I won't ever forget the time my man Tage and I, as teens, were throwing out the "dopest names in underground Hip Hop" (since there were A SHITLOAD of crazy ones in the mid-90's...mostly having to do with the Atoms Family...what up) and he mentioned "Pumpkinhead".  I was shocked that he even knew of the guy, being that it was like '96 (maybe EARLY '97), but then realized how close knit the whole NYC, downtown open mic, Nuyorican cipher rat scene was back then.  This was before Natural Resource broke up, and when Subculture Mag was still in-print...


  1. The funniest was when we actually saw the dude for the first time and he had a super fucking round-ass pumpkin dome piece