Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Little Paranoid, Are We?

Face it...we live in a fear-mongering society and whether you have a reason to worry or not (based upon your choices in life), this thing called "paranoia" is the root to our ritualistic harboring of internal discomforts.

It IS a crazy scary world out there...if you think about it.

In an effort to maintain this month's theme of investing in fear, here's some lovely visual media that won't necessarily try to scare you out of entering that subway station during next week's "rush hour"...nor will these clips attempt to scare you into fixing something that was not broken to begin with through a simple, yet compromising (to say the least), injection. The "cure" is not what we should be worried about. The big fish don't rest in the puddle poured in front of us.

And the closer...since this year, Halloween really does fall on the weekend.

(notice the dope radio edit with the re-laid vocals, I loved when they did that...the highlight being when Bill goes "AWWW MAN 'OMEYYY")

Wordup. I've donned my tinfoil hat and walk with hot frying pan in hand (for the bigger fry...right?!?!).

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