Monday, October 19, 2009

In The Pocket

The live footage to the infamous Hip Hop break.

In searching for this in its original vinyl release, many people, myself included, have made the mistake in looking through Cerrone's studio album catalog...only to be rudely awakened to the fact that the studio track was part of the standard chain of electronic disco cheese he put out (I mean the really, really fugazi stuff). That being said, the LP with said "non-kosher" version of "Rocket In The Pocket" DOES, however, contain a nice little drum break on another don't go stress-testing that platter just yet. You're welcome.

As it turns out, the version so heavily sampled and adored is this live performance from 1978 in Paris, France...apparently, the recording found its home on some "Live In Concert" LP released strictly for overseas (read: European) consumption. Dog bless whoever let this cat out the bag decades ago... 45 RPM is our friend.

I know, not scary, unless feathered hair is really not your thing.

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