Saturday, October 31, 2009

What scares Ghostface?

Midget hands.

Enjoy the evening and hope you don't have to shake anything "stubby".

Pumpkin Time

When you finally see the creature/monster...well...just don't expect some Jack O'Lantern-faced Real Ghostbusters steez.  Still, the movie is as funny as the name is.

Also, props to the underground Hip Hop MC for being clever enough to choose that as his stagename back in the 90's.  I won't ever forget the time my man Tage and I, as teens, were throwing out the "dopest names in underground Hip Hop" (since there were A SHITLOAD of crazy ones in the mid-90's...mostly having to do with the Atoms Family...what up) and he mentioned "Pumpkinhead".  I was shocked that he even knew of the guy, being that it was like '96 (maybe EARLY '97), but then realized how close knit the whole NYC, downtown open mic, Nuyorican cipher rat scene was back then.  This was before Natural Resource broke up, and when Subculture Mag was still in-print...

Slime Under The Building...

More Halloween'y goodness...this time of the New Jack Swing variety.  This is still my shit!  Easily one of the favorites of that sub-genre/era.

Say what you will about the Bobby who's a reality T.V. starring, slanted coke jaw brandishing, "Humpin' Around", and alleged Whitney face-rocker type of guy...I'll probably agree. But to me, there's no denying the freshness that is this song and video.  Whenever someone mentions Bobby Brown, all I think of is this video during the days of tuning into Video Music Box after school, ALWAYS in anticipation for the moment when Uncle Ralph would load this joint up.  Bobby at his MUCHO (late-)80's cameo action.  Can we name 'em all?  I'm actually more so interested in the musical cats...I see two of the Ramones, Doug E. Fresh...and is that Kane in like two split second shots during the 2nd rap part?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pick A Record/Don't Touch My Records, Ever

From The Diner (1982)

Pretty radical, yet pretty fuckin' rad.

Not scary, unless you are his girlfriend (though, he does make a great point (or two)).

In The Pocket

The live footage to the infamous Hip Hop break.

In searching for this in its original vinyl release, many people, myself included, have made the mistake in looking through Cerrone's studio album catalog...only to be rudely awakened to the fact that the studio track was part of the standard chain of electronic disco cheese he put out (I mean the really, really fugazi stuff). That being said, the LP with said "non-kosher" version of "Rocket In The Pocket" DOES, however, contain a nice little drum break on another don't go stress-testing that platter just yet. You're welcome.

As it turns out, the version so heavily sampled and adored is this live performance from 1978 in Paris, France...apparently, the recording found its home on some "Live In Concert" LP released strictly for overseas (read: European) consumption. Dog bless whoever let this cat out the bag decades ago... 45 RPM is our friend.

I know, not scary, unless feathered hair is really not your thing.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

To walk the night...

To continue along the thread of paranoia and all things scary...creepiness and classic gore ensues.

After all, it is the time when Samhain was celebrated...

Also, crying blood is not just a thing in the movies anymore...Nat Geo is pretty rad. On top of that, the girl's name is Twinkle.

A Little Paranoid, Are We?

Face it...we live in a fear-mongering society and whether you have a reason to worry or not (based upon your choices in life), this thing called "paranoia" is the root to our ritualistic harboring of internal discomforts.

It IS a crazy scary world out there...if you think about it.

In an effort to maintain this month's theme of investing in fear, here's some lovely visual media that won't necessarily try to scare you out of entering that subway station during next week's "rush hour"...nor will these clips attempt to scare you into fixing something that was not broken to begin with through a simple, yet compromising (to say the least), injection. The "cure" is not what we should be worried about. The big fish don't rest in the puddle poured in front of us.

And the closer...since this year, Halloween really does fall on the weekend.

(notice the dope radio edit with the re-laid vocals, I loved when they did that...the highlight being when Bill goes "AWWW MAN 'OMEYYY")

Wordup. I've donned my tinfoil hat and walk with hot frying pan in hand (for the bigger fry...right?!?!).

Radio Silence...

Yep. PTP is awake again. After a few weeks of quiet-time...I decided that it was an opportunity to pay respects (in silence) to two incredible DJ's who passed in the last month or so.

R.I.P. GM Roc Raida

and Mr. Magic.

Those two were, undoubtedly, the ones who left the boldest imprint on inspiring me to get a pair of 1200's and spend more time in-doors flipping wax and burning through TDK's and Maxell's.  Legends.