Monday, September 7, 2009

Gunday Monday... at PTP...even on Labor Day, our guns work.

Well...generally, Monday's the start of the "regular work week"...which means often hitting your alarm clock and contemplating on whether or not to end things right then and there with one easy squeeze (either for yourself or perhaps for someone else during your commute or at the workplace). But honestly, I'm not with the whole suicide thing (nor homicide for that matter).

If you really must know, I think suicide is strictly for cowards, especially if you are considering this as an option beyond your teen years...because, sure, as a high school kid, you've probably hit some new, seemingly infinite pain in your growth (mentally/emotionally, and yes, physically) which might have led you to think up some dumb, extreme stuff...but as an adult, you're simply just a weak dickhead.  So instead of putting that God-U to your domepiece, watch some dope videos that do the task for you (or at least flash 'nuff biscuits to appease one's appetite for this type of (now) rare, visual delicacy).

This is also an ode to how things used to be, raw. Before you could log on to some Internet website, when things weren't as heavily policed on daytime music television.  Where MTV was the only channel scared of the backlash to the point of blurring out the 40-Oz. bottles, blunts/drugs, and of course, gun play. This meant that you could go to Video Music Box, The Box, assorted public access TV shows, and even BET for the less-censored versions of these edgy videos.  Ironically, I'm utilizing the Internet to illustrate this point of past visual delights.

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