Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Yo. These are my peoples. DJ Conquerrah and Al Boost...aka the Rescue Team. Check their blog/podcast out...Rescue Team Radio.

Also, be sure to check DJ Conquerrah on Brooklyn Radio...he just did a FRESH "Best Of The Bad Brains" episode...covered all me through a tough night of drone ant fighting and laundry at 2:00am (long story).

Currently, those cats and I are working on multi-platform collaborations to be revealed in the near future.

Also, shout out to the people who had me (and my millz ED, one of the most thorough drivers I know) out in hot ass BK, yesterday, with a 1200 in hand(s)...under the impression that I'd be able to drop it off for repair. Yeah...way to not show up to open up your business for the day and have me head back on the L and 6 trains with a Technics tank under my (sweaty ass) arm (I was told to go there only an hour prior to that by their customer service/information guy). Major GAS FACE. At least we got some ill tacos at La Superior (before the place filled up with hipster trash) and bumped into my motherfuckin' main stain Tes-Uno. Good peoples and good eats, essential in this day and age where things can seemingly turn to shit in seconds.

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