Sunday, August 2, 2009

Steady Dippin'

Yo. Not for nothin'...and this could even go under the "Ya Livin' Foul" chapters...but I'd rather hear a joint like this, one that bigs up the usage of PCP, than the combined offerings of whatever has come out in the last handful of years from the West Coast (or really, most of this newfangled rap shit). I had to post something like this due to my just witnessing a certain video for a song exclaiming the want to "fuck every girl in the world". You serious b? I could say some wild foul stuff, but I made a promise to play nice. No hate...just being honest...I honestly can't believe it though.

Bump this...classic sample-driven, golden age West Coast funkiness. As a native New Yorker, I couldn't really deny this as just some more post-Chronic, 2nd generation wasn't...especially due to the fresh usage of that Teddy P sample (well, the whole package is FRESH to me) matter how loc'd out this was. I also love how the drums are still on that funk slap stee, but the actual joint wasn't straight from Parliament or Zapp. This is the radio edit...which is still funny because a fine tuned ear can hear plenty of references to that "water"...and some spots where Jayo replaced some of the album version's wording. You can easily find the "uncensored", more blatant version on the 'tube...but this is the audio that goes with the video (which is really dope IMO). Enjoy.

Maybe my negative opinion on dust is due to my history with close friends who've either dealt with or completely lost their ways to it (again, not going to get into it). I can't fuck with a dusthead, period. People have done some real wild stuff off of the "Superman Drug"...which I guess is why it makes sense for Hip Hop cats, especially, to indulge in it since there's the whole machismo element present in the subculture. The irony is that plenty of cats I favor as MC's have admitted to doing it recreationally (how else?). I won't mention names, but there's a long list of 'em from NYC to Philly (definitely Philly)...and of course out West. Shit, that's really just the tip of the ignorant drug abuse mentioned on wax iceberg. Whatever...if getting wet is part of your process...fine...just don't go out like Big Lurch or David Lochary.

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