Sunday, August 16, 2009

Last Night

Last night I linked up with a few of my peoples and ended up at Identity Bar & Lounge in the LES. This was already one of the target locations on our navigation for the evening, due to the inevitable freshness that is associated with "The Go Off!" (a monthly event taking place on the 2nd on). Well, we ended up staying there until close (a bit after 4:00am). Plenty of good, classic music and good peoples around...the guy-gal ratio was on point and the crowd was diverse yet there wasn't any detectable attitude or tension (something I've always loved about this event). The basement was packed by 1:30-2:00am and the b-boys and b-girls were definitely in attendance (I counted three ciphers during Skeme Richards' set around 3am...real Hip Hop shit).

This event was actually how I first ended up in Identity...thus inspiring me to have and spin my own bornday party there...and now the 3rd Thursdays ("Goods").

Check this out in the following's free, there's no bullshit at the door with dress code or crowd control, the drinks are done right (by right, I mean strong), and the squad does it correctly.

Shouts to Lawrence, Teknyc, Skeme Richards, Sickroc, Unkle Chip and the rest for providing a damned good time.

Big ups to Jimmy D for toughing out the hotbox at 4am! See you later this week my dude! Also big ups to my mans and 'em...Big Rob-Lo and Ben Diesel...for gettin' it in.

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