Monday, August 31, 2009

Botanica Bar, Dirty 30's, Last Night

Had a ridiculous time last night spinnin' my man Mark's "Enter Your 30's" birthday event at Botanica Bar on E. Houston Street.  The place was packed with a live mixed favorite type of situation to go in on...and it didn't stop until about 4:15am.  There was crazy family on the check-in all throughout and I was glad it was all love and madness for my dude reaching his 30th year on the planet.

Seriously though, the night started with some vintage Jackson 5 to set off the whole birthday vibe (being that it was MJ's bornday as well), into some 70's and 80's cook-out classics...then things got deep.  The Golden Age crates got dug out...vintage everything from De La, Tribe, Black Sheep, Cypress, Chubb Rock, P.E., Rakim, Run DMC, Main Source, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, a name a little of what was then followed by classic Dancehall murder courtesy of my millz DJ Conquerrah (RESCUE TEAM WHATTUP).  Things got outta hand in all the good ways possible...he gave me the most proper alley(-oop) with some Biggie, more Cypress, and Onyx...the rest was a gorgeous blur.

Seriously, even the requests were on-point...things like "Halftime", "''93 'til Infinity", "Incarcerated Scarfaces", "The Takeover", and mucho mention of Wu Tang and Native Tongues classic ALBUMS...mostly coming from the lady side of things.  Yep.

I remember yelling ... a lot...mostly because I played a jarring slew of Wu Tang classics...spanning 36 Chambers to even The W ...almost mosh pit status with all the body slamming and arm throwing.

Huge shouts to everyone who came was my pleasure.
music that makes for an angry half-grin

  Gotta love the "grimy basement party steez" (as Conquerrah so correctly coined it).  Shit was like a house party for real...just a really big room with a big bar.
happy shirts make happy birthdays
shouts to Jocelyn for posting pics of the night

Wish I had a decent camera with which to snap shots as well... this was one for the books.

Three major joints of the night... (one video has two songs in should know that):

See you at No Malice Palace in the Lower East come Thursday night.

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