Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bang Bang.

Could not help but be reminded of this refreshingly ignorant (what I mean is, the director (Gza?) put a very "fun" and creative spin on something as ignorant as club/party shoot-outs) Wu video when catching a bit of some new Green Day video on TV this morning, a video which featured a couple in a home being slowly shot up by who we should probably think are the authorities (the bullets also barely missing the band whilst in "scene performance" mode...darn). Honestly, I cannot even recall what channel it was, since no one plays music videos anymore. And no, I'm not a fan of Green Day at all...I just wanted to see what a popular band these days chooses to do for visual stimuli (aside from getting Hot Topic "girly" hair and guyliner). Yes, fuck you.

For obvious reasons, this may have slipped by some when it was originally released...thank you Youtube. I've always loved the song, especially how it presents itself as a formatless romp through varied style and content (plus the random 2-bar change up), and the video does the job as a music video should (if it isn't quite telling a story, it at least accentuates the imagery and ideas found within the lyrics...that being said, I favor the more non-literal of these visual accompaniments). Raw.

Nothing like the smallest cat in the crew, U-God, wielding the biggest cannon, Desert Eagle. (Pause)

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