Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bad Tagging: Rorschach in Germany, '92

Okay. Fucking intense, tight, and thoroughly entertaining performance. Typical German punk/hardcore scene hijinx with the paper mache snowball wars and energy (at least from what live footage I've seen of other bands playing in that region).

...not to mention a quick Nirvana rendition...yes, THAT Nirvana.

Come September 25th, I will be tearing my vocal chords out at the NYC reunion...then I'm skating off to the Organized Konfusion/P.R.T. show (followed by the C.R. reunion/finale out in Shaolin the next day). I will have no face.

This was found under the "related videos" section of the following (probably infamous) clip of Rorschach playing their cover of Black Flag's "My War". As I was one of the unlucky few who missed them in the early 90's, the "My War" performance was the first live clip that I had the pleasure of finding. I was seriously floored. In this, I saw a band who looked and performed as they sounded on record...fucking crazy.

The fact that, in the video, they are all reduced to silhouettes thrashing around on stage, due to the venue's choice of "mood lighting", made this even more psychologically appealing. To me, it heartily reinforced the band's bold, and sometimes unsettling, visual aesthetic (as well as that of the music). Let's also not overlook the coincidence of the whole "cloaked identity"/Watchmen comic book character (from whom their name was adopted)...and the element of ambiguity that which the inkblot test was centered around (from which Alan Moore derived the name for his character).

Oh yeah, the tags were "BORN" and "AGAINST".

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