Thursday, August 27, 2009

Amerikkka's Most Wanted

Say what you will about the more modern day Cube who decided to subscribe to the whole Hollywood thing, post-Singleton, where he's either doing a flick that reinforces the same (negative) African-American stereotypes or a "family-friendly", cream puff outing (which probably supports some of the same shitty stereotypes). So yes, say what you will...I just did, in so many words.

That aside, YOU CANNOT TELL ME SHIT about the angry, politically charged West Coast lyricist (-slash-ghostwriter, ha!) of the late '80's to about '93/'94.

On to the highlights in video form:

Pre-N.W.A. exit and Post-N.W.A. Interview

One of the hardest verses of the late 80's.

Irony at it's best...

gafflin' goods before everyone else...even from his own peoples.

One last hit...unfortunately, no visual media for this one...

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