Wednesday, July 15, 2009

XX Rated

Seriously...another now-forgotten group from the early-to-mid 90's. Double XX Posse...from NJ.

History. Two albums...Put Ya Boots On from 1992...and Ruff, Rugged & Raw from 1995. Their first album had two singles/videos that were both super fresh. The first...

I cannot fucking believe the video is not online! I probably still have this on an old VHS tape. Maybe I should contribute...? Such a dope joint...the bass-heavy "Criminal Minded Remix" was ill as well (as heard in this clip of a young J-Lo freakin' it with the other 3 Fly Girls).

According to sources, the joint reached #1 in Billboard's Hot Rap Singles chart in '92. It was also featured in this episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Season 3: "You Bet Your Life")...coming out of the system of the car in the background.

The second single had more of an Ed OG'ish approach..."Headcracker"...a damned good change of pace.

Completely '92 in both visuals, sound, and title...word to the looped James Brown sample.

Their last single/video(?)...'95's "Money Talks"...

This was my shit (as well)...came out when I was hype on most of the Big Beat Records catalog...the Artifacts, Real Live, these guys...then you also had Mad Skillz (or now, Skillz...whom I enjoyed when he first dropped "The Nod Factor" and was featured on Stretch & Bob's show on 89Tek9) and Junior Mafia (a group I musically despised beyond BIG's cameos) plus Lil Kim's solo material (that which I despised much less than Junior Mafia sans BIG). I don't really co-sign this era of Double XX AS MUCH as that of the first album, but this song was a good joint for the time and, nonetheless, made my finger reach for the record button on the VCR. I don't know who that 2nd cat is, but he's definitely helping the joint stay indicative of it's original release date...the obligatory rugged-out, husky/chubby "2nd voice"...who's now gettin' his and is shameless enough to admit that he's cool with it and fully aware that it's all due to a recent upping in tax('less) bracket.

Let's also not forget to mention the filthy, horn-filled '95 production of a one Lord Finesse (those horns man...that plus some jingle bells...many a beat's way of screaming "golden age or bust").

Anyways...enjoy. I sure did.

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  1. my goodness, my love for j-lo was just starting to subside, now this