Wednesday, July 15, 2009


With all of this loud shit going on...that has BEEN going on... adults dressed as 12 year-olds wearing loud colors and loud prints dancing like loud drag queens to loud hip-hop house electro-pop mish mash dance "DJ culture" music...being ironic and retro all loud-like ("retro" being (newly) defined by me as paying homage to old school antics in an ever-so ironic manner)...

...the only loud colors I'm rockin' are on my very "un-retro" GT PERFORMER. I'm just amped to have a bike again...not to mention that it was a childhood favorite of mine!

Pardon the cliche-as-fuck hate on the hipsters/scenesters bit uptop...I needed something with which to open this up. Although, I was doing some research on some events and venues and came across way too many reminders that this type of fuckery was (or IS) still very prevalent in NYC... and I really don't mean to sound so bitter and hateful... some of this scene's most-beloved characters are actually cool peoples with me... just gets a little tiring on the eyes and ears. Maybe I need to pick up a hard drug habit...or perhaps become a raging alcoholic.

Fuck it, I'm just on some bullshit right now...I'd definitely do a set at a party that Rev. McFly (Jah Jah, what up) is spinning/performing at...I guess it's just how I'm feeling at this moment in posting...a viewpoint...or maybe even a philosophy...

More '87 year before ' suuuuuuuuuuckerrrrrrrrrrs!!

Pre-reconstruction...practically all OG parts except for a single rear brake pad...probably going to switch for a 3-piece crank for a little more of an updated technical steez...and the grips. Even has the OG GT tires...non-rotten!

P.S. the "drag queen" line should in no way be mistook for homophobism... show me a drag queen that isn't wild extra...and I'll give you my bike.

P.P.S. and while we're on the topic of being "loud" about a Loud classic...

not even to play too hard on the whole "raging alcoholic" this album.